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Direct Deposit Went into Closed Account

I closed a checking account with no NSF charges in July. In September, a check was sent direct deposit to the closed account without my knowledge. I received a letter from the state informing me that the monies were sent to the old account. I contacted the bank and was told that the account was closed and no money would be deposited, so after a week, I had a trace placed on the check. The next week I received a statement from the bank where I had closed the account, with the money placed in the closed account. Can the bank reopen an account after it is closed?


It appears that one hand didn't know what the other was doing at the bank. Someone must have forced your account to reopen, figuring it would be better for you to have access to your funds than get delayed trying to track them down.

Follow up on the trace you put on the payment to make sure the payment isn't reversed. That could cause you more trouble than you really want to even think about! Make sure that the state now knows where your bank account is located, then go ahead and withdraw the funds if you don't want to keep doing business with your old bank.

Published on 9/16/08