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Code on Bank Statement

What is this code on my bank statement: EOD UCF FEE?


Banks are supposed to provide account disclosures that interpret those codes along with the fees to be charged. However, it's a fact of life that customers don't always read those disclosures, and certainly don't commit them to memory.

Bank customers confronted with codes or abbreviations that confuse rather than inform, should call their banks and ask for clarification. Bankers who field such questions and design customer communications need to recognize that what appears clear to them through years of using buzzwords and acronyms is not always understood by their customers.

The abbreviation that you've confronted probably stands for "end of day uncollected funds fee." This means that at the end of the bank's daily processing, the bank paid items (checks, electronic fund transfers, etc.) against funds deposited into your account by check when those funds were not yet available for your use. However, to make sure, contact your bank for a precise interpretation of that code.

Published on 1/22/09