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What Happened to My Deposit?

I made a $600 cash deposit at a teller in my bank, but the amount was not credited to my account. There is no record in my statement that I made that deposit. I lost the deposit slip, but I remembered the exact date and location of when and where I made the deposit. The bank seems to only rely on the reference number printed on the deposit slip, which I do not have. Is there any other way to investigate the matter in order to find out what happened to the deposit I made?


If the bank is able to take the time, it can research the transaction list for each teller at that office for the date in question for transactions of $600. Frankly, that should not be a difficult thing for the bank to do. Each transaction on the teller's journal would include a reference number that the bank should be able to trace to the transaction on the bank's books.

That's half the battle. Then the bank will need to examine the paperwork for each of the identified $600 transactions to see if your name appears on it.

Published on 3/26/09