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Direct Deposit Goes to Someone Else's Account

If my money is direct deposited into someone else's account, but my name is not on the account, how can I remove my money from that account if the account-holder refuses to cooperate and won't give me the account number? Please help!


If the individual holding your funds won't cooperate, start by shutting off further direct deposits to the account. Using someone else's account for direct deposit is never wise, and you have seen why.

As part of the process of shutting off future direct deposits, you should request that your employer or other party sending the funds, provide you with the account number being used. Then take that account number to the bank receiving the direct deposit and notify them that you have canceled your direct deposit. Ask that any deposits that might be in the process of being paid, be returned.

As far as recovering your funds, you will have to take that up with the other individual. It's not a matter for the bank to resolve. If the other individual continues to refuse, you may have to take legal action to prove that the funds are yours and that he or she owes them to you.

Published on 10/29/09