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Deposits - Withdrawals
and the IRS

Accounts for Baby/Child
Bank Failure and Guardian Accounts
Requirements for Opening a Custodial Account
Removing a Name from an Account
Opening a Bank Account as a Minor
Minor's Rights in Accessing Funds from Account
ID Needed to Open Account for Minor
Can a Minor Open a Checking Account?
Accounts for Kids under the UTMA
Fraud by Guardian
Setting up an Account for a Baby
Can My Credit Problems Affect My Child's Account?
Who Can Be an Account Custodian?

Accounts of the Deceased
Adding People to POD Account
As Beneficiary, are Funds Simply Mine?
Who Inherits My Bank Account?
Searching for Beneficiary’s Money
Are Taxes Paid by the Estate Account?
How Does FDIC Insurance Work on POD Accounts?
Keeping Names of Trustees Secret
Can "In Trust For" Account be Frozen?
POD with Multiple Beneficiaries
Incorrect 1099 Interest Reporting
Obtaining Funds from Old Account in Trust
Locating Deceased Relative's Account
Retrieving Funds from a Deceased Relative
Withdrawing Funds after Accountholder Dies
Can Child Get Account Funds After Parent's Death?
Custodian's Misuse of Minor's Funds
What is POD?
Account Cleaned Out After Woman's Death
Information Required from Holder of POA
Account for an Estate
Account Ownership After Death
Making a Deposit of an Estate Check
How Do I Deposit a Check Payable to a Trust?

CDs and Money Market Accounts
Is a Money Market Account Secure?
Bank Folded; Where's my MMDA?
I Want to Freeze My Credit Reports
How Safe are CDARs Now?
Bank Opened New Account for Me, Who Knew?
Am I Protected from People Collecting Debts?
Can Funds in Money Market Account Decrease?
Why are my Money Market Transfers Limited?
Can Bank Deduct from Special Purpose CDs?
When is interest paid to me?
The Bank Gave Away My Money
Transaction Limitations on Money Market Accounts
What is the difference between a CD and a Money Market Account?

Deposit Accounts
Rule for Deposits and Withdrawals
No Bank Account? Credit Union Account?
How Do I Access My Account?
Direct Debit with NSF
Asking to Close Account for Nine Years
Bank Freezes All Accounts: What to do?
Restrictions for Closing Money Market Account
Opening Account with Birth/Marriage Certificates?
Getting Info about Someone Else's Account
Changing Account Naming
Finding Information on Spouse's Accounts
Locating Accounts with Name/Address/SSN
Account Frozen for Ninety Days! What to do?
Depositing Someone's Check into My Account
<Depositing Check into Another's Account
Possible to Open Account and Abandon It?
Can a Teller Answer My Question?
Two Convenience Signers on an Account?
Getting Funds from Old Account
Are Account Numbers Reused by Banks?
$12,000 Deposit Triggers Lots of Questions
Payday Lender's Account Closed: Legal?
Bank Gives Account Info to Estranged Wife
Can Authorized Signer Deposit Checks?
Direct Deposit to Closed Account: What Now?
Depositing into Someone Else's Account
Interest, and Making it Work for Me
Garnish an Account: Bank Freezes: Legal?
Will Bank Ask about my $20,000 Gift?
About Declaring the Source of Funds
Direct Deposit Goes to Closed Account
Deposit Returned, Account Closed: Why?
Do Banks Exchange Customer Information?
Deposit Goes to Wrong Person's Account
Needed to Open Account: TIN, EIN or SSN?
Direct Deposit Goes to Someone Else's Account
Making Part of Deposit Immediately Available
Rule Governing Posting of Debits/Credits?
Deposit Ability, but No Withdrawal Privileges
Hold on Large Deposit
Paying Tax on Bank Balance
Bank Puts Money in Wrong Account: What Now?
Credit? Debit? Which is it?
Reporting Deposits
What Account is Best - and Why?
To Whom can Account Details be Released?
Trying to Send Deposit to Friend's Account
Making a Large Cash Deposit
3 Accounts. 3 Direct Deposits. 3 Problems
Deposit Covers Purchase, but Bank Charges Fee
Married, but Wants Account in Maiden Name: Legal?
Splitting a Direct Deposit: Possible?
Direct Deposit to Closed Account: Bank's Responsibility
What Happened to My Deposit?
Deposits and the IRS
About Taxes on Deposits
Who Can Deposit Money to My Account?
Gave Wrong Number for Direct Deposit; What Now?
Tax Preparer Sends Refund to Limbo
Paying Taxes on a Deposit
Account for Profits from Shared Ownership
Wants to Deposit English Pounds into US Account
Problem Depositing Large Amount?
About Posting of Direct Deposits
Offset Question
Is Credit Affected by Changing Account Status?
Direct Deposit Went to Wrong Place
Depositing Large Amounts of Cash
Account Closed: Why?
Is Someone Stealing From Me?
Is There a Maximum Deposit One Can Make?
Deposit, Withdrawal and Safe Deposit Box
Is Wired Deposit Reported to IRS?
Bank Will Not Accept Deposit According to My Wishes
Insurance on MMDA
Funds Dispersed from Dormant Account
Deposited Large Sum; Will it be Problematic?
Two Accounts, Same Bank; Insured?
Four Accounts, Same Bank: What is Insured?
Truncated Account Numbers
Limit on Deposits
Requirements for Depositing Large Amount of Cash
Bank Folded; Where's my MMDA?
Deposit in My Account, but not by Me
How Does One Unfreeze an Account?
Deposit Limits
Depositing Reporting Amount Changed?
Account as Condition for Commercial Mortgage
Depositing for Another Doesn't Work
$750 Out the Window
Need Account with Access from Anywhere
How Much Can I Deposit?
Account Confusion Leads to Dis-Use
Can You Deposit to My Account?
How Direct is a Direct Debit?
Are Company Funds at Risk?
Account Limit for FDIC Insurance
What Exactly is Bank Failure?
Worried Senior Citizen Spreads Accounts Around
When does FDIC insurance coverage start?
Senior Citizen Worries
Refund Incorrectly Deposited
ATM Deposit of Unendorsed Check
Why did Bank Allow but Credit Union Deny Deposit?
Dividing Deposits
Taxes and Surcharges on Deposits
Paycheck Incorrectly Deposited
Can Bank Deduct Funds after Direct Deposit?
Notification from IRS after Large Deposit
Deposit Methods
Can I Deposit my Son's Check into my Account?
Depositing Large Amounts of Cash
Depositing Unendorsed Checks
How to Fix Bank Error in Deposit Amount
Recovering Funds Mistakenly Deposited in Account
Are Deposits Totaling $10,000 Reported to IRS?
Are ACH Deposits Reported to IRS?
Limit on Deposits Reported to IRS
Insured Deposits: How safe is my money?
Faulty Direct Deposit: Do I Have to Pay?
What is a 'Returned Deposit Item Charge'?
Direct Deposit of Paycheck to Another's Account
Proper Way to Set Up a Tragedy Account
Bank Requiring the Use of Its Own POA Form
Is Reporting Cash Transactions Discretionary?
Depositing a Business Check Into Personal Account
When is interest paid to me?
Keeping Bank Deposits from the IRS
Locating an Old Bank Account
Maximum Amount Allowed in an Account
What is this 2 PM cutoff about?
Insured Deposits as seen in Advertisements
The Bank Gave Away My Money
Depositing a Check Made Out Incorrectly
Notification of Account Closing
Amount Needed to Open Accounts
Deposit in One State, Access in Another
Depositing Custodial Checks Into a Personal Account
Having an Account for Wages
Too Many Cash Deposits?
Writing my Account Number on my Check

Foreign Checks
Electronic Deposits from Abroad

Who Gets Nailed When a Foreign Check Is Bad?
Handling an Account for Another
Who Can Close an Organization's Account?
Opening a Representative Payee Account
On Hold for How Long and Why?
Best Way to Manage an Account for Another
Setting up an Account for Child Support Deposits
Trouble with Rep Payee Account
Problem with Representative Payee Account
Are Father's Accounts Part of His Estate?
Estate Account Not a Match with Bank Account
Becoming an Authorized Signer
Does Mystery Account Really Exist?
Beneficiary Account Funds Used
Closing an Account as an Agent
Funds Deposited in Estate Account
Classmate Steals Funds from Account
Account Frozen After Mother's Death
Parent as Custodian for Money of Child Over 18
Teller Gave Nephew Balance and Me Aggravation
Safeguarding an Elderly Father's Account
Accessing My Brain Dead Brother's Money
POA Opening an Account
POA vs. Authorized Signer

Identfication Required
Cashing Check with No Name Verification
Retrieving Money from a Joint Account
Bank Requiring Social Security Number
Forms of ID Required
Isn't Requiring an SSN Illegal?

Joint Accounts
Does Wife 'Inherit' Joint Account?
Remove from Joint Account to Qualify for Medicaid
Boyfriend Empties Joint Account: What to do?
Joint Account Creates Joint Problem
Hiding in a Joint Account
Removing a Name from an Account
No SSN - Add to Account?
Brothers Change Places on Account: Legal?
About Joint Tenants by Entirety
Joint Account Confusion
Joint Account Activity: Is this Fraud?
Wants to Remove Name from Joint Account
What Happens to Joint Account after One Dies
Joint Account: In this Together
Joint Account: Who Really Owns It?
Joint Payees on Check; No Joint Account
Three on Joint Account; One Empties Account
Don't Read Statements; Now I Have Big Problem
Responsibility of Joint Signer on Account
Removing Name from Joint Tenant Account
Joint Account is Frozen; How do I get my money?
Four Owners of an Account: Possible?
After Ten Years Daughter Empties Account
Joint Ownership vs Joint Tenancy of Accounts
Repercussions of Freezing a Joint Account
Who Can Take Money from Joint Accounts?
Account Under Children's Names
Relative Takes Over Account of Incapacitated Mother
Joint Account Status After Death of One
Joint Account Owner Wants Personal Account
Husband Depletes Joint Account; What to do?
Include in Joint Accounts and POA
Inheritor of a Joint Account
Removing Name from Joint Account
Adding Joint Signer Long Distance
Minors and Joint Accounts
Levy - and Confusion - Placed on Account
Just Married; No Joint Account Yet
Verifying Endorsement of Serviceman
Three Joint Owners, One in Trouble
How Probate Works with a Shared Account
Bank Has Tied Up Joint Account Funds
FDIC Insurance for Co-Owners
No Will, No Estate, No Deposit
Can I Remove Myself?
Joint Account: What Does This Mean?
FDIC Insurance Work on Joint Accounts with POD Beneficiaries?
Insurance for Three Parties on a Joint Account
How FDIC Insurance Works with Joint Accoutns
FDIC Insurance Limits
Depositing Joint Tax Refund in Individual Account
Can Joint Account Owner Remove Other Name?
Joint Accounts that Require Two Signatures?
Removing Name from Joint Account
Removing Funds from Joint Account without Proof
Joint Account with Minor
Retrieving Money from a Joint Account
Removing Name From Joint Account
Accounts Requiring Dual Signatures
Joint Account Deposit: Is Signature Required?
Joint Account Emptied: Is bank accountable?
Bank Hits My Account for Son's NSF Charges
Setting Up Joint Account with Hospitalized Mother
Joint Account with Deceased Individual
When is interest paid to me?
Do I Need My Roommate?
Endorsements of a Joint Check to be Deposited
Joint Signer vs. Joint Owner
Need a COT Code
Read This First!

Bank Offsets Church Account from Member's Account
CDs and Money Market Accounts
Transferring Funds Between Banks
Obtaining 20 Year Old Bank Records
How to Leave Donation for Church in Separate Account
Bank Hold Paycheck for Over Six Weeks
Ambulance Service Takes Bank Information: What?
Getting Information about Another's Accounts
Lifting a Voluntary Freeze on Account
Bank Keeps Check Deposited to Closed Account
Regulation for Tellers to Pry?
>Crediting Cash Deposits Immediately
Paycheck Deposited Twice: What to do?
Changing 'Official Bank Branch'
Finding Out Where I Bank
Giving a Written Notice to Customer for Transfer
Will Bank Reopen Account: Debt is Paid?
Account Frozen; How About Linked Accounts?
Can Bank Force Someone to be a Customer?
Balance vs Pending Debits
Do I Owe My Bank Money?
Obtaining Very Old Bank Statements
Does ChexSystems Offset POD Account?
Finding Long Lost Account
Transferring Cash from Under Mattress to Bank
Offset without Permission?
Can I Put Inheritance in 10 Year Old's Account?
Wire Transfers are Immediate
Deciphering Codes on Bank Statement
What Can Bank Info Yield?
Restrictions and Requirements for Wire Transfers
Informing Account Holder of Offset Reason
Is there a Hold on a Wire Transfer?
Brother wants Sister to Hold Money in Account: OK?
Looking for Something Like an Escrow Account
Unresolved Banking Issue, but wants New Account
Where to get Medallion Signature Guarantee
Can my refund be taken to pay a debt?
Closing/Opening Accounts by Telephone
What is Annuity Credit?
How Secure is Wire Transfer for a Sale?
Offset Between Banks? Legal?
Can Bank Use My Account as Its Own?
Retrieving Very Old Bank Statements
Medallion Validation no Longer Needed?
Bank Will Not Redeem Series I Bond: Why?
Bank Accounts and Income Tax
Can Account be Garnished for Pre-marital Debt?
Bank Posts Credits before Debits: Legal?
What Does 'Frozen Account' Mean?
Reason for Blocked Account
What is a Pending Transaction?
Need Levy-Proof Account
Reading Document Needing Medallion Guarantee
Wants Policies of Medallion Stamp Guarantee
Wrong Wire - Where's My Money?
Finding Very Old Account
Lender Closed - Where's My Money?
Availability of Wired Funds
IRS Garnishment Possible
Two Accounts: One Big Problem
A No-Freeze Account
Bank has Incorrect Personal Info: What now?
Carrying Cash Out of the Country
Must I 'Catch' Errors: Can't I Trust?
Can Bank Refuse Affidavit?
Explanation of Bank Statement
Keeping Name on Accounts of Adult Children
What Do Banks Report?
Exempt Income Protection Act
Getting Funds Returned After Investigation
Delinquent Account on Credit Report
Does a signature card require a SSN?
Freezing an Account
How Do Taxes on Monetary Gifts Work?
Deposit in One Bank, Withdraw in Another: OK?
How to Get Funds from a Defunct Bank
Redeeming a Savings Bond Early
How Does Subpoena for Information Work?
How Long Can the Bank Hold My Money?
Why Was My Account Closed?
Who Can Access My Account?
Is There Communication Between Banks?
Bank Delays Check Release; Big Problems for Me!
Where is My Money when I Want It?
How to Transfer Funds from One Bank to Another
Giving Reason for Changing Banks
When is Money Created?
Offset from Signer's Account: Legal?
Account Suddenly Disappears: How to Find?
What Happens When an Account is Frozen?
Changing Banks: Reportable to IRS?
Retention of Customer Account Records
What is Batch Posting?
Questionable Collections Behavior
Network of Accounts at Other Banks?
Bank Freezes Account at Customer's Word
About Wire Transfers...Government Watching?
Finding a Lost Record of a Wire Transfer
Bank Closes Account with No Explanation
Bank Error Gives Me Fees
Account Closed; Where is my Money?
Transferring Funds to Another Account
CTR per Transaction, Month, or Year?
How is Bank Error Corrected?
Authorized Signer Wants Account Info
Code on Bank Statement
Stimulus Check in One Door and Out the Other
Transfers Between US Banks
Possibility of Getting Missing Money Back
Purpose of a Beneficiary on an Account
Government Agency wants Account Verification
Are Taxes Automatically Taken from Wired Monies?
Bank Defunct: Where is My Account?
About Wire Transfer Shipping Services
Can Bank Correct its Error After Three Years?
When Will Transfer Be Received?
Moving, and Moving Accounts
Bank Gives Counterfeit $100: What Now?
How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?
Do Collection Agencies Freeze Accounts?
Bank Departs from Policy; Cashes Dividend Checks
Finding a Bank in Georgia
Wiring Funds Outside US Confidential?
Branch Bought Out - Only 4 Day Notice: Legal?
Gave Out my Account Number and Maybe Too Much...
Restriction Put on Account and No Explanation
About Garnishing Accounts
Recordkeeping for Closed Accounts
Accounts with Daily Compounding Interest
About an International Bank Wire Transfer
How Long Until Frozen Account Melts?
Does Closed Account Affect Credit Report?
Bank Changed Name: How to Close Account
Payment Processed Twice; Liability?
Opening a Prepaid Credit Card Account
Opening Another Account While Still Owing NSFs
Reason for Closing an Account
Can Landlord Garnish My Account?
Paying Fees to Bank that Failed
How to Wire Money to Someone's Account as Payback
Closed Estate Account; Continuing Traffic
Hold Put on Account by Credit Card Company
Is Overseas Account Reportable to IRS?
Investments and FDIC Insurance
Bank Transactions and the Government
How to Pay Bills when Account is Frozen
Resubmitting of Bill Puts Me in the Red
Account Classifications Confuse Me
Notifying Customer of Hold on Account
$500 Overage Charge on Less than $10?
Distributing Funds for FDIC Insurance
What is the 'Camel Rating'?
What should I Do About Hold?
Transactions Per Day
How Much to Keep in One Bank
Account Emptied for Non-Profit Employer
Personal Bankruptcy Affecting Bowling Account
FDIC Changes Insurance Rules for Payable on Death ("POD") Accounts
In Debt and then Scammed
Need a SWIFT Code
Two Accounts in the Same Bank
FDIC Insurance Amount per Location
New Will Leaves Family Out
Setting Up Account for Booster Club
Unjust Bank Charges?
Lien on Accounts
Direct Deposit Went into Closed Account
Three Year Old Bank Error
Medallion Signature Guarantee Needed for Estate
Right of Offset Explained
Safest Way to Keep Money
Purchasing Banking History
Reporting Inheritance to IRS
As Executor, do I need an EIN?
What Advice Can I Give a New College Student?
How Long Before Account is Debited?
Availability for Wire Transfer
Close Account, but Can't take it With You
Bank Closes Account: Getting Your Money
First and Secondary Account Owner Responsibility
Limit on Cash Transactions
Getting Information About Spouse’s Account
Available Balance - Sometimes?
Transferring a Loan
The Mathematics of FDIC Insurance
About the Confidentiality of Beneficiaries
Baffled by Terminology
Account Information Retention
What Should a Senior Look for in a Bank?
Can I use my account after an IRS levy?
Making sure bank set up accounts right
Routing Number Needed
Misled About Account Fees
Wiring Money to Account in Different State
Is a $100,000 CD Completely Insured?
Are All Bank Failures Handled the Same?
Depositing Custodial Checks as Adult
Bank Gave me the Wrong Deposit Insurance Info
Time Lengths in Processing ACH Credits
Details Regarding FDIC Insured Funds
Bank Transfers Funds to Even Things Up
Bank Liquidation and Government Payouts
Can my IRS Troubles put my Family at Risk?
Joint Tenancy Variations
Time for Wiring Funds from England
Opening Account in Maiden Name
How are Multiple Accounts at Same Bank Insured?
Internet Banking and SWIFT
Canceling Bank-to-Bank Transfers?
Bank Correcting for Old Mistake
Questioning Bank's Right to Remove Funds
Transfer Process from Abroad
Opening Account without Residency
Wiring Money to Different Bank
Redirecting SSA Survivor Benefits
Is a Totten Trust protected from creditors?
Electronic Transfer Limit
Looking Up International IBAN Numbers
Documentation Regarding Wire Transfers
Can Employer Require I Have a Bank Account?
International Transfer Limits
International Transfers
Safe from Lien in New Checking Account?
Determining Beneficiary on Foreign Account
Documentation for Recurring Large Deposits
Can these Wages be Garnished?
Naming Trust as Beneficiary
What is Forced Debt?
Finding Funds from Old Account
International Account Benefit
Difference between ACH and DBT
Opening an Account at a Credit Union
Is Account Owner Liable for Authorized Signer?
Retrieving Funds from Old Account at Closed Bank
Legality of Closing Account without Signature
Transferring Money from Overseas
Opening New Account after Old Account Closed
Authorized User Responsible for Account Balance?
Should I be Penalized for Bank's Mistake?
Is Bank Required to Notify me of an Overdraft Fee?
Client Sues My LLC: Personal Accounts in Danger?
Acquiring Large Quantity of Specific Monies
Transferring Funds Between Accounts
Can Credit Union Transfer Funds to Offset Debts?
Maximizing Savings in Opening New Account
Lifting Voluntary Account Hold while Abroad
The ATM Ate My Check
Giving Substantial Funds
What Deposits to Banks Report to IRS?
Fees after Account Closed?
Opening a Checking Account as an Organization
Finding Lost ACH Deposit
Can Beneficiary on Trust Account get Debit Card?
Do Debts Limit Ability to Open New Account?
Am I Protected from People Collecting Debts?
What is the Memo Balance Line?
What Services does a Bank Provide?
Using Business Checking for Personal Items
Bank Closing Accounts Without Reason
Protecting Earned Money
Purchasing Item in Currency Different from Bank's
Opening Bank Account after Being Denied
Closing a Bank Account
The Bank Changed my Beneficiary!
How do I find my Bank's Routing Number?
Will Bank Report Transaction over $10,000 to IRS?
Having Over $100,000 in One Bank: Good or Bad?
Bank Regulation in Economy
Bank Transferred Funds without Permission: Legal?
Obtaining Money without going to Probate
Retrieving Old Account Records
Recovering Funds from Inactive Passbook Account
Check Cashed in ATM Before Funds in Account
Naming POD Beneficiaries on Deposit Accounts
Utilizing a Closed Account
Recovering Funds After Forgery
Stopping Automatic Deductions
What Accounts Can't be Garnished?
Definition of Memo Post Status
New Accounts: Why Longer Hold on Deposits?
Limited Transfers Explained
Updating Accounts after a Corporate Name Change
Transferring Funds Overseas
I'm Overseas Now: How do I close my accounts?
Adding A Name To A Bank Account Without Consent
Bank lost closed account payout! What now?
Card Transaction Allowed on Closed Account
What is a C.O.T. Code?
Money Transferred Left One Account, Never Arrived
Can You Reverse a Wire Transfer?
Can Funds Be Frozen Under the Patriot Act?
Stop Payment Responsibilities
Endorsement Problem Leads to Hold on Account
Limit on Money in One Account?
ACH Conversion of Line of Credit Checks
Mistake with Credit Card Checks Causes Problems
Can an Account Be Opened With an EIN?
Establishing an Escrow Account
Typo Results in OFAC Hit
What Does "Available Balance" Mean?
What's a COT Code?
Reading the Disclosures
Do Collection Accounts Prohibit Deposit Accounts?
Who Manages Signature Cards
Stopping Payment on a Bank Check
Lost Account Numbers
What is a lien?
Clearing Times on Checks
Availability of Funds on In-Bank Transfer
Opening a U.S. Account from Overseas
Stopping Payment on a Certified Check
A Taxpayer By Any Other Name ....
Bank Goofs on Transfer of Funds
Bank Says I Can't Bank Elsewhere
Paying a Bad Debt to Open a New Account
The Case of the Missing Endorsement

Reversing NSF Fees
Offset Causes NSFs: What to do?
What is Bank's Recourse to Defaulter?
About Overdraft Protection Programs
Paying an Overdraft from Another Account
>Paying Off Charge-off
About NSFs and ACHs
Account not Overdrafted, but I got a fee!
Opening Account Despite Old NSF Checks
Eliminating Incorrect Overdraft Fee

Is there a Limit to Withdrawals?
Husband Debits Money from Account: Legal?
Bank Gives Me Too Much Money: What to do?
Withdrawing Funds from Out-of-State Account
Can Daughter Withdraw with only My Account Number?
Cannot Make Withdrawals from Account. Why?
SSN to Withdraw Funds?
Withdrawing Funds from Joint Account
Withdrawals from My Account by Another
Withdrawing or Structuring?
Giving Bank Notice of Large Withdrawal
Want to Withdraw Large Amount of Cash: Problem?
Withdrawing Funds from Spouse's Personal Account
Code on Withdrawals: What is This?
Notification for Large Withdrawal
Can Money be Removed from My Account?
Reporting Large Withdrawals
Transfers and Withdrawals Without Consent
Are Large Withdrawals Reported to IRS?
Bank Refuses to Allow Withdrawal
Withdrawing Funds
Fraudulent Withdrawals from Late In-Law's Account
Electronic Withdrawal after Account Closed
Withdrawing Funds from Frozen Account
Cash Withdrawal Limit Without IRS Notified
Limits on Withdrawing Funds
Withdrawing Large Amounts of Cash
Is a Report Required on a Cash Withdrawal, Too?
Setting Up an Emergency Fund
Who is "On-Us Check"