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What Services does a Bank Provide?

What services does a bank provide?


Banks, savings associations and credit unions accept deposits in checking, savings and time accounts, and lend money to individuals and businesses in the form of personal loans, car loans, mortgage and home equity loans, credit card accounts, and business loans of various types. The menu of accounts, services and loans varies from institution to institution. Some, for example, have safe deposit boxes for rent, others don't.

Some banks offer trust and investment services or sell insurance. There are many other related services offered by some banks, as well.

Visit a bank and take a look around the lobby (be ready to explain why you're there; try not to look like you're "casing the joint"!). You'll often see product brochures that describe the bank's products and services. If you don't see a needed financial service listed, ask. Banks often have services they don't advertise.

Published on 12/11/07