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What Does 'Forced Post' Mean?

I recently returned an item to a local department store for a refund. Since I paid for it with my debit card, they told me that they had to place the refund back to my debit card. I verified with my bank that the money was there two days later. The next thing I know, the store took back the money, and the bank let them! How can the bank allow someone to debit my account without my knowledge? The bank said that the store "forced post" the refund and took it back.


If the credit was not made to your account as agreed, you can file a claim with your bank for a "electronic fund transfer credit not appearing on your account." Presumably you received a credit slip from the department store. You can use that slip to document your claim with the bank. "Force post" usually refers to transactions that are deliberately posted to an account, notwithstanding the fact that an authorization (hold) request was not approved.

Published on 4/02/09