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ATM Fraud  |    ATM Screw Ups  |    ATM Usage  |    Debit Cards
 Debit Cards & Overdrafts  |  Miscellaneous

ATM Fraud
Unauthorized Withdrawals: Bank Refuses to Help
ATM Card Lost, Used Fraudulently: Bank Won't Help
ATM Card Forgetten, then Used: What now?
Refund for Fraud First Sixty Days or Last Sixty?
ATM Card Stolen; Bank Presumes My Guilt
OCC 'Suggests'; Bank Chooses its Own Option
Was This a Real ATM?
Unauthorized ATM Withdrawal
Bank Refuses Surveillance Tapes to Prove Fraud
ATMs Rigged to Scam Customers and Banks
An Unfortunate Series of Events
Unexplained ATM Withdrawals
You Can Be an ATM Fraud Fighter

ATM Screw Ups
ATM Does Not Record Deposit: What to do?
ATM Misfires: How do I get My Money?
ATM Foul-up: What to do?
ATM Ate Check: Can I Charge Bank a Fee?
Deposit into ATM Not Found: What to do?
ATM Problem
ATM Errors Create Account Problem
Pockets Empty because of ATM Error
Retrieving Funds from Faulty ATM
The ATM Ate My Check
Fall Out from an ATM Error
ATM Card Problem
ATM Screw-up
Can I get My Money Back?
Lost ATM Card
Regulation v. Disclosure -- Error Resolution
The ATM Shorted Me -- Now What?
Wrong Amount at ATM

ATM Usage
Using ATM in Colombia to Withdraw Funds Here
Minor is Refused ATM Card: Why?
Withdrawing Funds from ATM
ATM Code #030 Status Problem
Making Deposits at Other Banks' ATMs
Depositing Through ATM ... from Out of Town?
Depositng Check Via ATM
Does ATM Put Hold on Funds?
How to Get Forgotten ATM PIN
Withdrawing from ATM with a Credit Card
Withdrawals from ATM
ATM Card Not Working
ATM Card for Daughter Connected to My Account?
Account Debited, then Credited: What Gives?
Confusion about Automatic Withdrawals of Funds
Depositing in Another Bank's ATM
Where Does My ATM Deposit Go?
Can ATM Card be Used in All States?
Bookie's Deposits Complicate Lost Card Issue
Overdraft Fees Just Kept Piling On
Is Our Use of Clients' ATM Cards Legal?
'Technical Difficulty' with ATM
Denied an ATM Card
Available Balance - Sometimes?
Withdrawals from a MMDA
ATM Deposit of Unendorsed Check
Making an ATM Deposit Anywhere
Using ATM with only Card Number and PIN
Obtaining Large Amount of Funds from ATM
Check Cashed in ATM Before Funds in Account
ATM Deposit Basics
Can my ATM Balance Show my Overdraft Limit
ATM Card Lost, Now I'm Overdrawn
When will ATM card transfers be deducted?
What may be deposited at an ATM?
Entering PIN Backwards
Can I Use an ATM for Money Market Withdrawals?
What is a Current and Available Balance?

Debit Cards
Should I Give Out Last 4 Digits on Check Card?
Need Payment Options beside Debit Card
Best Debit Card for Minors
Is Overdraft Fee for Each Transaction?
Debit Charge Didn't go Through
Charging with Credit Card, and No Funds in Bank
Stopping Auto Payments by Business
Debit Card Problem Reaches to Japan
Bank Defends its Actions by 'Real Time'
What is a Debit Hold?
Hidden Gambling Sites and Debit Cards
Credit/Debit Card Scam
Debit Card vs ATM Card
CU Authorizes Fraudulent Debit Card Use
Getting a Debit Card after Bankruptcy
Stopping Fraud in its Tracks
Can Debit Card be Used as Credit Card?
Debit Card - and Money Stolen: Responsibility?
Balance and Available Amount Confusion
About Using Debit Card of the Deceased
Time for a Debit/Credit Card Refund
Debit Card Problem
Debit Card Purchase Not Processed
Debit Card Problem & Account Discrepancy
About Double-charged Debit Cards
Holds and Debit Cards: Big Mess!
New Debit Card on 'Black Status'?
Can I Use My Debit Card When I'm Overdrawn?
Bank Allows Deductions from Expired Debit Card
Debit Cards for Minors? Legal?
What Does 'Forced Post' Mean?
Debit Card Transaction Confusion
Debit Card Cancelled without Notification: Legal?
About the Validity of a Debit Transaction
Lost Card, Lost Money: Who is Responsible?
Forgotten Debit Card is Shredded; Legal?
Debit Card Deactivated: How do I Pay Bills?
Debit Card Suspension for Errors
Debit Card Stolen: Money Too?
Debit Card Withdrawal Question
Billing Error Causes Cascade of Trouble
Debit Card Purchase Transferral
About a 401K Debit Card
Overdraft fees for holds on debit cards?
Paid with Check Card, Do I Have Protection?
Can Pending Debit Cause NSF?
Cards Accepted on Online Transactions
Reimbursement for Fraudulent Charges
Lost My Job and Over My Head
Preventing Ex from Using Debit Card
Obtaining a Debit Card after Bankruptcy
Holding Funds After I Go
Disputed Debit Card Purchases
Getting Transactions Denied if Funds Insufficient
Can Beneficiary on Trust Account get Debit Card?
Avoiding Debit Card Problems without New Account
Reactivating "Lost" Debit Card
Eliminating Incorrect Overdraft Fee
Debit Card Regulations
Time Limit for Debits to Clear from Account
Limit on Debit Card
Debit Card Fees: Why?
Transactions Continuing on Cancelled Debit Card
Timing on Debit Card Purchases Made to Account
"Forced Pay Debit" - What are These?
Debit Card Use Adds a Freeze on Funds
Debit Card Security Problem
BWI -- Banking While Intoxicated
Can I Get a Debit Card for an UTMA Account?
Double Charged for Purchase
Shopping Online Smarter and Safer
Son "Borrowed" Debit Card
Stopping a Check Card Payment
Using a Power of Attorney - Are There Limits?

Debit Cards & Overdrafts
Banks Says Their Error, but I Have to Prove It!
Son Doesn't Pay Bill; Mom Gets Overdraft
Debit Card Problem Causes Embarassment
Debit Card and Overdraft Problem
Debit Card Overdraft Question
Obtaining Refund for Overdraft Fee
Overdraft Fee for Debit Card Transaction

Old Checks Accepted Because Deposited Via ATM
ATM Card Lost on Sunday
Trouble with Joint Account
Joint Account and Check Cards
Disputing POS Item on My Account
Bank Links Some Accounts, but Not All
Bank Insists Customer Come In to Make Deposit
Using Credit/Debit Card to Buy Cashier's Check
Submitting a Signature-based Transaction
Pre-empting Overdraft Fees?
Understanding the Difference in Plastic Cards
Withdrawals from My Account by Another
What is a Forced Settlement or Transaction?
An 'Unlimited Access' Card?
Big Problem trying to Help In-Laws Pay Bills
Unknown Transaction: What do do?
How Do Banks Debit Accounts?
Baffled by Terminology
Deferred Charge Causes Overdraft
What is an #030 Status Problem?
Resolving Dispute with Bank
Opening Account to Help Retired Parents
Accessing Money with a Hold on It
Result of Transaction Made on Overdrawn Account
Limited Transfers Explained
Requirement to Sign a Credit Card
Forgotten PIN Number
My Bank Just Won't Let My Account Close