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Reactivating "Lost" Debit Card

The customer service representative for my bank purposely reported my debit card as lost even though I still have it. Now I do not have access to my funds for four days and I have to wait an additional week to receive a new card. Do I have any recourse? Is there anything that I can do to get access to my funds or reactivate my card?

The bank representative probably put your card on a lost/stolen list and ordered a replacement because of some misuse of your card or card number. Perhaps you reported that your card or card number had been used without your permission.

If that's the case, it's quite normal for a bank to block further use of the card, both to protect a customer's account from further fraud, and to protect the bank from having to reimburse the customer for further fraud. One way to access your account without a card is to visit a branch of the bank and provide identification.

Published on 12/17/07