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Mystery Code in Checking Account Statement

"WFN PBP SB PAYBYPHONE 55" - Do you know what this means? I show a debit in my checking account, but I haven't paid anything over the phone and I don't have any ACH for this amount set up at all. How can I find out where or who it is coming from?


The "WFN" piece of that puzzle is still a mystery. A number of organizations that use those initials include: Worldwide Faith News, Women's Financial Network, World Federation of Neurology, Women's Funding Network, and Worldwide Fund for Nature. Does one of those groups sound familiar? Is it possible that someone called claiming to represent one of those groups, or another group with those initials, to solicit a donation?

You should definitely contact your bank and ask for information about that entry on your account, and don't delay. If you still don't recognize it after talking with a bank representative, submit a written claim to the bank that neither you, or anyone else with access to your account, authorized the transaction. Be sure to include your name, your account number, the date of the entry on your account and the description that you gave in your question. Your bank will then investigate the transaction.

Published on 10/02/08