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 Clearing Times  |    Deposits  |    Endorsements  |    Fees
 Holds and Stop Payments  |    Joint Accounts  |    Miscellaneous Matters
 Old Checks and Old Accounts   |    Opening or Closing an Account
 Overdrafts  |    Withdrawals

Deposits - Withdrawals
and the IRS

All About Checks
Check Signing 'Implies' Offset, Right?
Is Postdating a Check Legal?
Check Number Mixup: What to do?
Beat the Freeze!
What to do with Starter Checks?
Posting Largest Checks First, then Smaller
Name on Checks, but not on Account
When Did Money Enter my Account?
Passing Checks a Crime? Now What?
My Mistake, Can I Fix It?
Will Old Checks work with New Bank?
Which Bank Can Refuse 3rd Party Check?
Does Bank Always Pay Large Checks First?
Validity of Personal Check
Requiring Two Signatures for Check
Personal Info Necessary for Check Signing?
Do Blank Personal Checks Expire?
Replacing Incorrect Checks
Rearranging Check Processing Order
Finding Account Number on Check
Order Banks Pay Checks
Bank Gave Checks for Wrong Account: What to do?
Check Imaging: Why can't I get my checks back?
Out-of-State Check Clearing Process
How do I find a Routing Number?
When Check Payee Is Listed Incorrectly
Merchant Insisting on DOB on Check
Paying Checks Largest to Smallest Causes Problems
How much is a check for, $100 or Ten Dollars?
Post-dating Checks, Illegal?
Can I Cash a Foreign Check in the U.S.
Can a Canceled Check Still be Paid
Late Return of a Check, can the Bank Take the Loss
When Must a Check be Cashed?
My checks were stolen, who should give me my money
Can a Bank Refuse to Cash Its Own Checks?
Length of Time Personal Check is Valid
Do personal checks "expire"?
Does a Check Have to be Dated at all?
Memo Line on Cashier's Check
My Check Was Posted Wrong — Is This a Solution?
Signer's Authority
Taking a Postdated Check
Why postdating checks is a bad idea

Bounced/NSF Checks
Zapped with Four NSF Fees as we Leave CU
Bank Error Gives Me NSF Fee
Bounced Check Situation Going on for 10 Years
About Keeping Returned Checks
Six Months to Return a Check?
What is a Bounced Check?
Confusing Vocabulary for Returned Checks
Dealing with an Out-of-state NSF Check
Charging Back a Bounced Check
Does a Canceled Transaction Trigger an NSF Fee
Bank Error Causes Checks to Bounce
Do Insufficient Funds Cause Checks to Bounce?

Cashing Checks
Bank Closes Account: Where to Cash Check?
Ex-wife Cashes Check from Prior Joint Account
Cashing a Temporary Check
Record of Check Cashed
Make Check Payable to Bank to Get Cash?
Check Cashed Against CD: How Does That Work?
Bank Cashes Check Twice: Denies Responsibility
Getting Check Funds in Increments?
No Hold Period on Check Causes Problem
Getting Funds from Check with No Expiration Date
Confusion About Cashing Employees' Checks
Cashing a Check for Someone Gives a Big Problem
Checking Account Status
Following the Trail of a Cancelled Check
Difficulty with Third Party Checks
Payee Changed Date on Check
Is Payee the Only One Who Can Cash It?
Cashing Check without Bank Account
Can Bank Process Post-Dated Check Early?
Why did Bank Honor Check without Funds Present?
Unsigned Check Cashed: Bank's Responsibility?
Credit Union Wouldn't Cash Check: Why?
Sufficient to Write "For Deposit Only" on Deposit?
Cashing Check Payable to Deceased Person
Bank Accepts Only Checks Payable to Account Owner
Cashing a Check for a Friend
When Check Payee Is Listed Incorrectly
Jackpot Owner Jailed Before Check Cashed
My Check has the Wrong Last Name, Can I Cash It?
Cashing a Check while being Overdrawn
Personal Info Required to Cash a Check
Check Cashing Fees - Check Drawn on that Bank
Cashing Checks for a Minor
Administratrix Trying to Cash Checks
Cashing a Minor's Checks
Cashing a Personal Check, Without an Account
Check Cashed by Other than the Payee, What Now?
Signing with an X
Writing ID Info on Back of Checks

Clearing Times
How Long for Check to Clear?
Check Clearing Time
Bank Clears Check, Then Reverses
Government Checks: How soon are deposits available?
Normal Time Periods for Clearing Checks
Federal Law on Check Clearing Time
Check Initially Cleared: Insufficient Funds Now
How to Get Next Day Funds Availability
Deposited Check: Availability?

Cash In and Out on the Same Day?
Why are Checks Not Posted Immediately?
Determining Status of Check Deposited in ATM
Bank Wants to Know the Source of My Money
Friends Use Friend's Account to Deposit Checks
Cash Back from a Deposited Check
Bank has No Record of Deposit: What Now?
Taking Notice of a Large Deposit
What does 'Cash Available' mean?
Bank Accepts Unendorsed Check: What now?
Deposit to Checking Account through Another Bank?
Making a Deposit for Another
Time Limit for Reversing Deposit?
Bank Plays Games with Deposits and Overdrafts
What Happens if I Spend Money that is Not Mine?
Account Blocked: What Happens to Direct Deposit?
Must Deposit, Not Cash, to be Safe
Bank Closed Account: What about Direct Deposit?
About an Insured Checking Account
Bank Mistake Continues: Wants Compensation
Wrong Deposit: Wants Original Check Returned
Depositing to My Sister's Account
Bank Error Takes my Wedding Money
Bank Officer Deposits Non-Profit Checks to His Account
Depositing Joint Payee Checks into Personal Account
Funds Availability Keeps Changing
Obtaining Copies of Deposited Checks
Availability of Cash Deposits
Avoiding Garnishment
Direct Deposit Confusion
Double Processing - Bank Error?
Funds Present in Account for Wire Transfer
Three-Day Weekend Confusion
When does FDIC insurance coverage start?
Funds Availability after Large Deposit
Accounts Closed after Fraudulent Deposit
Joint Check "For Deposit Only"?
Preventing Ex's Creditors from Taking my Money
How Long Can Bank Hold Funds for Deposit?
How Long Before Deposits Become Available?
What Deposits do Banks Report to IRS?
Removing Funds Incorrectly Deposited in Account
Personal Account Deposits Reported to IRS
Depositing Funds without IRS Notification?
How Many Times can a Check be Re-Deposited?
Minor Depositing Check into Guardian's Account
Are Large Deposits Reported to the IRS?
Limits on Depositing Funds?
Indorsement Question on Depositing a Check
Deposits Made to a Dead Person's Account
Deposit Availability
Bank Deposits Reported to the IRS
Business Check - Personal Account
Deposit in One State, Access in Another
Verifying Deposits

Bank Wants Wife's Endorsement on My Check!
Can a convenience signer close an account?
Beneficiary Needs Verification of Signature
Irregular Signatures Proven True: What Now?
Proper Endorsement for 3rd Party Check
When Check Payee Is Listed Incorrectly
Endorsement Question on Depositing a Check
Check Endorsement Question, What and Where to Sign
Who Manages Signature Cards
My Private Information Written on a Check
Are Two Signatures Required?
Endorsing for Deposit Only
Cashing a Two-Payee Check
Weird Stamp on Cancelled Check

Bank Fines Me for Re-opening Closed Account
Account Closed: Why Overdraft Fees?
10 Year Old Fee Comes Back to Haunt
Bank Charges Fees before Deposits
Bank Does Transactions/Fees on Closed Account
Exhorbitant Fees Simply Cannot be Legal
Fees Make Account Overdrawn: What now?
In Bankruptcy, Now I Get Bank Fees: What to do?
About Bank Service Charges and Fees
About Overdraft Charges
Time Limit to Pay Back
Bank Closes Account; Refuses Debt Payment
Account Not Really Closed: Now Has Fees
Trying to Pay Fees, Bank Closes Account Anyhow
Exhorbitant Fees: Bank Error?
Unemployed, NSFs and Closed Account: How to Pay?
Overdrafted: How Long to Fix?
Overdraft Fee Based on When the Check was Written
Car Title Held for Checking Account Fee
Who Pays NSF Fees Over $1,000
Overwhelmed with Overdraft Fees
Bank Fees and No Income: What Can I Do?
Bank Debiting Account without Consent
Overdraft fees for holds on debit cards?
Attempts to Repay Overdraft Foiled - Now What?
Recovering Overdraft Fees from Bank
I Can't Pay the Bank Fees!
Finding the Bank Where I Owe Funds
Eliminating Overdraft Charges
Getting Bank to Reverse Overdraft Fees
Reversing Charge for Lack of Funds
Legitimate Overdraft Charge?
Cannot Cover Overdraft Fee: What to do?
Overdraft Fees: What can I do?
Debit Card Fees: Why?
Why Are Dormant Fees Charged?
Change in Bank Policy on Overdrafts
Late Fee or Late in Processing
Check Cashing Fees - Check Drawn on that Bank
Overdraft Fee Based on When the Check was Written
Bank Fee for Unarranged Borrowing

Holds and Stop Payments
One Account Under Hold; Can I Open Another?
Stop Payments and Overdraft Fees Mingle
Moving Direct Deposit to Account without Hold
Bank Refuses to Curb Abuse of Elderly
Bank Holds Funds After Check Clears: Why?
What Does Stop Payment do to My Account?
Problems with Checking Accounts at Credit Union
CD Opened, but Money in Accounts Held
A Hold on Money and Information
What Happens During a Hold?
Bank Holds Funds for 67 Days: What to do?
Account on Hold; Can I Cash Paycheck?
Getting the Run-around from a Stop
Bad Info and Stops that Didn't Stop = BIG Mess
Holds and Debit Cards: Big Mess!
Who Put a Hold on My Check?
Incorrect Amount on Stop Payment
Can Bank Hold Treasury Check?
Clearing My Name After Suspected Fraud
Law for Holding Funds
Stop Payment Paid in Error: What Now?
Account Closed for Kiting: Time Limit for Hold?
My Bill Paying Frozen Too!
What are Lawful Hold Times?
Can a Debtor Freeze a Trust?
Bank is Holding Paychecks!
Removing Hold from Checking Account
Time Limit on Voided Transaction Hold
Time Limit on Check Hold
Can Bank Hold Cash Deposits and Charge Fees?
Do all Checks need to be Held before Clearing?
Is a Fourteen Day Hold on Check Legal?
Bank Policy for Placing Holds on Accounts
Unfreezing a Frozen Account
Unauthorized Charge on Large Check Hold?
They gave me my money, then they took it away!
When a Check Is Paid Over a Stop Pay
How long can a bank hold a check?
Check Holds, Same Bank, Different Customers
Reacting to a Lien on a Deposit Account
Does a Canceled Transaction Trigger an NSF Fee
Improper Holds on Business Account Deposits
Who is Liable for a Late Return
Stopping Payment on a Check
Stopped Payment on a Check for a Car I Sold
My Bank Cashed a Stopped Check
Getting My Bank to Release My Retirement Pay
Looking for a Canceled Check
Ex-Spouse Double Dips
A $99,000 Hold on Your Account Isn't Funny
Check Hold Seems Excessive
Giving the Reason for a Stop Payment
Hold on an Intrabank Transfer
Time Frame a Stop-Payment Order is Effective
Timing on Stop Payments

Joint Accounts
Joint Account - Joint Mixup
Need to Change Joint Account: Can't get to Bank
Obtaining Past Joint Account Statements
Joint Account with Bankruptcy Filer?
Opened Account to Friend, Now I Want Out
Joint Account Problem
Open Trust or Use Checking Account?
Liability to Joint Owner
Joint Account Surprise
Three Year Old as Joint Owner of Account?
Joint Account Means Joint Problems
Transferring Funds from Joint Account
Bank Drains All Our Accounts to Satisfy Overdraft
Bank Defends its Actions by 'Real Time'
Joint Account Can be Frozen for One Person's Debt
Joint Account with Hold: Not My Debt!
Wife Takes Half of Joint Accounts: Legal?
Wants Statement for Account Prior to Ownership
Joint Owner Responsible for All Debts?
I Want Out of Joint Account with Direct Deposit
No SSN: Add to Account?
Protecting your Money through Account Co-Ownership
Bank Refuses to Remove One from Joint Account
Linking My Problems to Fiancee's Account
Is Husband an Automatic Beneficiary?
Removing a Name from an Account
Can I Have an Authorized Signer?
Spouse wants Joint Account with Foreign National
Who Endorses Checks in a Joint Account
About the Monthly Bank Statement
An Account with Spouse and Two Friends
Ex-Husband, but not Ex-Account: Legal
Adding and Removing from an Account
Will Past Credit Record Affect Joint Account?
Does Joint Checking Account Mean Joint Problems?
Bank Changes Joint Account to Estate Account
Does Survivor of Joint Account become Owner?
Opening a Joint Account for Bills
LOC Paying for Joint Account
About Accounts and Prior Debts
Depositing a Joint Check
Opening Checking Account with Unrelated Minor
Cashing a Joint Check with One Endorsement
Setting Up Joint Account
Removing Name from Joint Account
What happens to Joint Accounts in Divorce?
Problem with Fraudulent Joint Account
Removing Name from Joint Account
Name Unwillingly Removed from Joint Account
Removing Name from Overdrawn Joint Account
Old Joint Account Still Used to Pay Bills
Ownership of Items Purchased on Joint Account
Trouble with Half of Joint Account
Removing Oneself from a Joint Account
Bad Credit: Can opening a joint account help?
Joint Account Owner Died. What Now?
Troubles Depositing a Jointly Payable Check
I Received No Money from a Joint Check
Which Rules, a Will or Joint Ownership
Joint Tax Refund Deposited to Single Owner Account
Wills, Estates, and Joint Accounts
Adding Spouse to an Account
Joint Account, Only One Customer Present
Names Printed on Joint Account Checks
Overdraft on a Joint Account
Where Do I Deposit a Joint Payee Check?
Depositing Individual Check to Joint Account
Depositing Joint Check into Personal Account
Depositing a Joint Check to an Individual Account

Miscellaneous Matters
Credit on My Checking Account Statement?
Beneficiary for Checking Account?
Bank Fraud: What to do?
Rights of Account Signer
Immediate Access to Deceased's Accounts
Offset After Only One Month behind in Payment?
Funds Garnished from Account with No Notice
Account Frozen by Mistake: Affect Credit Rating?
Change of Account Naming: Make a Difference?
Spouse Has Bad Credit: Make Him a Signer?
What are checking accounts for, exactly?
Taxes for Checking Account Over 10K?
The Importance of Reading Your Bank Statement
Savings/Checking Account: Which is Better?
Insurance Changes Rates:Takes More Money
Bank's Offset Causes Huge Problem for Me
Can't Have Two Authorized Signers? Why?
Bank Uses Right of Offset After Seven Years?
Bank Error Puts $20,000 in My Account
Offsetting Personal Accounts for Business Debt
Bank Closes Account: Need to Pay Landlord
My Responsiblity to Inform Bank of Error?
Securing a Checking Account
Explaining Offset
Using an Account with a Restriction
About the Bank's Posting Methods
'Right' of Offset for Charged-off Amount?
What is 'Demand Dep'?
Bank Promises to Unfreeze Account, but Does Not
What Triggers a CTR?
Does Transferring Funds Trigger CTR?
Account and Check Numbers do Not Agree
Bank Takes What I Owe and Offset of My Daughter's
Bank Pays Large Items First, then Assesses Fees
Posting Order for Deposits
Rule Governing Posting of Debits/Credits?
What are Numbers after 'Deposit' on Statement?
Offset from My Account for Unknown Step-son's Debt
Shanghaied in China: What to do?
Is a NOW Account a Demand Account?
Refund Sent to Closed Account: Now what?
In ChexSystems, Can I Write Checks?
Can Collection Agency Freeze Account?
Charged for Membership Program: Had No Idea
Creditor Takes Money from My Account: Legal?
Wants Access to Husband's Checking Account
Balance and Available Amount Confusion
Does Bank Statement Specify Direct Deposits?
About the New Terms of FDIC Insurance
Bank Says Check Signer is Liable for Owner's Debt
Rolling 'Favorable Balance' into Available Balance
How Does Subpoena on Checking Account Work?
Completing a Telephone Draft
Freezing a Checking Account for Judgment
Company Debits Account Too Soon: What Now?
Bank Approves Funds with No Funds in Account
About Debiting Accounts
Account Frozen because of USA PATRIOT Act?
Does Offset Need Permission?
What is 'checkAGAIN'?
Check Confusion: Funds Used for Delinquent Note?
Transfer Appears to be Lost: What Now?
Freezing an Account for Payment Makes no Sense
Check Didn't Clear - After Seven Months?!
Bank Will Not Give Funds and Won't Say Why
All the Money I Had was Garnished: What Now?
About Bank Personnel Not Preserving Privacy
Threshold for Currency Transaction Report
Gambler Needs Protection from Himself
What are Co-signer's Liabilities?
This Collection Agency Sounds Fishy
Bank took my rent money! Illegal offset?
Statement Question
Notifications and Times
About Freezing an Account
Offset Confusion
Current Balance vs Available Balance
Removing Oneself as Co-Signer
Using a Checking Account to Budget
How Can I Reload My Money Card?
How to Verify Account Balance
Bank Took ALL My Money for Loan
Balance as Compensation: Still Insured?
Can Creditor Remove Money from my Account?
Bank Error Gives Information to Ex
Account Number Confusion when Bank is Bought Out
Can CU take Funds from Account to Pay Loan?
Intestate: What Happens to Accounts?
Father Forged Son's Checks: Recourse?
Daughter as Signer on Account - No Ownership
Mystery Status Problem on Statement
New Signature Card for New Signature?
Preventing Access to My Account
Check 21 "Forced" on Customer
Retiree's Account Frozen
Someone Using My Account to Pay Bills
Paid with a Deposit Ticket?
How Do Banks Debit Accounts?
Bank Takes Money from Checking to Pay Note
Mystery Code in Checking Account Statement
Bank Fails: What about my Checking Account?
Bank Error Goes On for 5 Years!
Bank Refuses to Give me Cash from Account
Record Retention for Individuals
Responsibilities of Authorized Signer on Account
Bank Statement Directive Explanation
What are Signature Cards Used For?
Deadline for charging back deposited checks
Name on Church Accounts...Good Idea?
Checking Account Dispute
Debiting Between Accounts
Return to Checking Account
Was it Paid...Was is NOT paid?
Negative Balance Complications
When Does FDIC Coverage Start?
Verifying My Bank Balance
Inheriting an Account in Trust
Dispute on Processing Order of Debits
Can Beneficiary Live Outside US?
Reimbursement for Bank's Mistake
Account Overdraft Despite Linked Savings
Bank Removed Funds from Wrong Account
When are Banks Authorized to Pull Credit Reports?
How many CD Accounts are Allowed?
Keeping US Bank Accounts after Moving Abroad
Can Bank Withdraw Funds without Consent?
Determining Status with Banks
Status of Account after Death
Rectifying Unintentional Kiting Situation
Bank Transfered Funds Without Consent: Legal?
Do Wire Transfers Take Time to Clear?
Can Bank Remove Funds Held for Another?
Bank Erroneously Debited my Account
Finding Funds My Dad Received
Unfreezing a Frozen Account
Bank Paid Off One Account with Funds from Another
Using Money Accidentally Deposited into my Account
Bank Transfered Funds Without Consent: Legal?
Can Different Banks Transfer My Funds?
Can Bank Manipulate Funds without my Permission?
Can I Sign on Accounts if on Medical Disability?
Can Banks Tag Accounts at Different Banks?
Holding Money in Another Account
Glitch in Online Bill Pay?
Clear Name after Default on Checking?
Reclaiming the Ownership of Funds
Transferring Funds from Checking to Savings
Transfering Between Accounts: Why the Limitations?
Obtaining Bank Records on Closed Accounts
First Debit Card Troubles
Individual Accounts for Minors?
Liens Placed on Multiple Accounts
Bank Error: Can you keep the funds?
Direct Debit Abroad?
Using a Personal Account for a Business
Rights of Custodian
Lost My Job and Over My Head
Keeping Checks and Statements, How Long?
Can Other Account Owners Drag Me Down?
Electronic Deposit Goes Astray
Who Can Close a Checking Account
Searching for Lost Bank Statements
TeleCheck tells Merchants Not to Accept my Check
Replacing a Lost Moneygram
Banking When You Live in a Motorhome
Why Do Different Accounts Have Different Rates
Can a US Citizen have a Canadian Account
Suing My Bank Over a Bad Cashier's Check
Cancelling a Cashier's Check
Getting Money Back from an Unused Cashier's Check
Technicalities of the Name on my Account
To Russia, With Love
Had Charge Off, Want New Account
What is a lien?
Why Does My Bank Do Things this Way?
Bank Reporting Requirements for Check
Should I Repay Bank for Charged-Off Account?
Infant with a Check and No Account
Can a Living Trust hold a NOW Account?
Canceling an Auto-Charge
Cashier's Checks Payable to Cash
The Bank Gave Away My Money
My Bad -- or the Bank's?
POA Adding Beneficiary
Using a Power of Attorney - Are There Limits?

Old Checks and Old Accounts
How Long are Previous Bank's Checks Acceptable?
Need Copy of Old Check for Tax Dispute
Keeping Cancelled Checks
Shredded my Records, Can't Prove Zero Balance
What to do with Old Unused Checks
Checking Account Info from Thirty Years Ago?
Keeping Account Open with Negative Balance
Finding Status of Old Account
Old Check Suddenly Cashed; Now I'm Overdrawn
Bank Sold; Beginning of Account Problems
Two- Party Checks, One Deceased
Prosecuting a Company for Fraud
Finding Records from Old Accounts
Obtaining Records from Old Account
Getting New Checking Account after Prior Troubles
Recovering Funds from Inactive Passbook Account
Replacing a 5 Year Old Paycheck
How Long Should You Keep your Checks
How Long Should I Wait for Good Money
Can an Old Check Be Paid?
How Long is a Check Good?
Old Check Shows Up, but the Money is Gone
Old Checks
Reopening Old Checking Account
Overdraft Protection on a Checking Account

Opening or Closing an Account
How to Get New Account after Account is Closed
Opening an Account with Tax Liens
How Many Accounts is Too Many?
Bank Closes All My Accounts: I'm Mad!
New Account on Hold for Two Weeks?
Opening an Account after Bank Forced-closes
Who Has Access to Closed Account Records?
How to Open a Checking Account
Bank Refuses to Open Account, Accepts Direct Deposit
Charging a Closed Account? How so?
Bank Closes Account: Is there a Law?
Closing Account, Wants Cash, not Check
Closing Account: Who is Liable for Late Checks?
Bank Won't Close Account: Keeps Me Overdrawn
Account Closed Because of Deposit Questions
Bank Closed My Account: I Need Funds!
Opening an Account from Prison?
Wait to Close Account for One Check?
Opening an Account Using Middle Name
Bank Closes Accounts: No Warning, No Explanation
Opening Account with Personal Check
Outstanding Check Prevents Account Closure
Fee Added to Write-Off: How can I pay?
How to Get a Checking Account
Closing Account: What Happens to Direct Debit?
Is My Account Closed or Not?
More than one Account at the Same Bank?
Setting Up Accounts for Spousal Access
I Need to Open Another Checking Account
Can a Minor Open a Checking Account?
Can Inactive Checking Account Just be Closed?
Closing an Account with a Negative Balance
Opening a Checking Account with Fees Pending
Closed Account, but Bank Reopened It: Legal?
Working in Two Places; Wants Account in One Place
Minor Opened Account - and a Pile of Problems
Account Closed: How Long Before I can Open Another
Closed Checking Account; Can't Open New One
New Account...No, I Want the Old One
Opening Accounts for Foreign Employees
Bank Closed All My Accounts: How Do I Live?
What about ACH items when closing an account?
Dealing with Closed Account
Opening New Account after Chexsystem Filing
In Financial Trouble: Can I Open an Account?
Opening Checking Account as Minor
Son Opened Account without Consent: Am I Liable?
Opening New Account with Overdrafted Old Account
Opening New Account after Resolving Old Debt
Opening Account with ChexSystems Record
Closed Account Mistakenly Reopened
Opening New Account with Bad Credit
Scam Victim: Cannot Open New Account
Opening a Checking Account with Bad History
Opening Account to Help Retired Parents
Opening Checking Account as Minor
Can a Minor get a Checking Account?
Can a Minor Close an Account?
Denied Account as Adult from Problem as Minor
Opening a Checking Account Abroad
Making Out a Check for Closed Account Expenses
Payable on Death vs. Trust Checking Account
US Citizens Rights to International Bank Accounts
Can I Have More than One Checking Account
Bank Closed My Account
Age Requirement for Bank Account
Closing an Estate Account
Opening an Account When Overseas
Returned Check - Ruined Credit

Stop Payments and Overdraft Fees Mingle
'Honest' Mistake Brings on Bank's Retribution
Account Signers Responsible for Overdraft?
Will be Fined, but Will be OK, Right?
Order of Posting and Overdraft Fees
How to Get Overdraft Protection
Bank Defends its Actions by 'Real Time'
Fraud Penalties then Overdraft Charges? What?
Bank Kept Check Wrongly Deposited
How Do I Overdraw My Account?
On Social Security, but Paying Almost All for NSFs
Bank Wants Immediate Deposit for Overdraft
Notice of Account Overdraft
No Notification of Overdraft, but Fees Accumulate
Bank Allows Check: I Get Fees - Why?
Funds Missing: Getting Fees but no Cooperation
Husband's Check in My Account: Now I'm Overdrawn
Bank's Posting System Give Me NSFs
Bank Plays Games with Deposits and Overdrafts
Overdraft Protection: No Funds: Write Checks?
Overdrafts After Check Clears
Overdrafted: Now What Happens?
Overdraft Expiration
Daughter's Overdraft Puts Mother Over the Hill
Overdrawn with Only Social Security Check Income
No Overdrafts Please: Five Rules for Keeping a First Time Checking Account in the Black
Will Overdrafts Affect Closing on Home?
Interest on Overdrawn Balances?
Name Unknowingly on Overdrawn Account
Can My ATM Balance Show my Overdraft Limit
Overdraft Protection and What is Available
My Checking Account is Overdrawn, What do I do?
Overdrawing a Health Savings Account
Account Closed after Overdrafts: Can I Reopen it?

Withdrawing $30,000
Two Signature for Withdrawal
Law, or Bank's New Rule?
Form to Fill Out for Large Withdrawal?
Need Funds While I am Away
Transaction Reported to IRS: Will I be Hassled Now
Withdrawing from a Joint Account
Debit Card Withdrawal Question
Check Clearing Time
Withdrawing Funds that should have been Debited
Refused Withdrawal: Legal?
Withdrawing Funds after Accountholder Dies
Payable on Death vs. Trust Checking Account
Getting Money from a Deceased Relatives Account
The Bank Should Correct Withdrawals from Account
Bank Paid Items I Didn't Want Them To, Do I Owe?
Multiple Account Owners with Limited Withdrawals
Cash Withdrawal Limits
Left my Card in the ATM, Did I Lose my Money?
Paying Your Rent with Auto Payment
What is a Current and Available Balance?
Withdrawals of SS Funds After Owner's Death