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Age Requirement for Bank Account

This summer I have lined up several yards to mow. I'd like to open a bank account so I can start saving my earnings. Can a person my age open an account? I'm 12 -- almost 13.

You may need to shop around a little to find a bank that can accommodate your needs. Under the law of most states, a person under the age of 18 is not deemed to have the capacity, legally, to enter into a contract. Some states have created an exception for deposit accounts, however. Not all the banks in those states actually offer deposit accounts to minors. Start with the institution where one of your parents has an account and ask them if they will open a deposit account for someone your age. If not, ask if it's because state law in your state doesn't allow it, or bank policy. If state law does allow it, then your next step would be to start calling other financial institutions. A possible fall-back position would be to inquire about the possibility of a joint account with a financially responsible adult.

Published on 7/28/06