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Cashing a Joint Check with One Endorsement

Can a check be cashed by one endorsement when it is made out to two people?

Generally, each person to whom the check is payable, will have to endorse it or otherwise receive benefit of it. That is, a check payable to "A and B" could be deposited into a joint account owned by both A and B without an endorsement. The fact that it went into an account owned by them is sufficient. Either A or B might then withdraw all the funds without the other's knowledge.

Also, a check made out to "A and B" is jointly payable. Both need to endorse it or receive benefit as described above. A check made out to "A or B" could be negotiated by either party, and a check that is silent to this, such as being made out to "A, B" is considered like the "or" example and could be negotiated by either.

Published on 5/29/08