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Check Endorsement Question, What and Where to Sign

If I write a check on my bank account to myself to deposit into another of my accounts at a different bank, do I need to sign the back if I write that it is "for deposit only" and the account number is noted on the back of the check? Is there a law or bank statute regarding this?

The law (the Uniform Commercial Code) in most states allows a check to be deposited to the payee's account without any form of endorsement. However, that bank that's going to take the check for deposit may have its own requirements. Among them may be a requirement that you endorse the check and include your signature. That requirement can avoid any hassles with the drawers of checks.

In the case you've described, you are both the drawer and the payee, and would not be likely to take issue with a missing endorsement, but banks usually try to give their banks one set of procedures for deposits, and avoid procedures that might say, "If the drawer and payee are the same, skip to step X." Its understandable that you may be concerned about sending an endorsed check through the mail to your other bank. You might consider contacting the other bank and ask whether it has a special procedure (such as rubber stamping the check) that might apply in such a case.

Published on 2/22/07