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Removing Funds Incorrectly Deposited in Account

My bank deposited money in my account that isn't mine. It has been several months and I keep telling them to remove the funds, but they have yet to do so. Is there anything that says after a certain time period the money becomes mine? If not, how should I go about getting the bank to remove these funds?

When the bank finally discovers the error, they will most assuredly want the money back. If you were to remove the funds and place them in another account to earn interest or in a Cashier's Check, they'll still go to your account where it was deposited and try to debit it. That could cause you a problem if you have checks outstanding.

Call the bank and ask for a supervisor/officer. Explain to them that these funds are there and you are sure (explain why) they do not belong to you. The bank can have them held separately until they discover where they should have gone.

This is not totally uncommon. With electronic transfers anyone in a chain of people can get an account number wrong and the money then goes into the wrong account. The same thing can happen with a withdrawal. Often it starts with the originating person. Someone enters a deposit account number wrong, sends in money and suddenly it is in your account. At some point though, that money will come up missing and it will be reviewed, especially if it is a larger sum.

Published on 2/14/07