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Left my Card in the ATM, Did I Lose my Money

Will I be responsible for a withdrawal if I accidentally leave my debit card in the ATM and someone comes behind me and withdraws money from my account?

Because of the negligence you could be liable for the first $50. Amounts over that would likely be the liability of your bank. They will do an investigation to determine what happened.

Most commonly ATMs require the PIN to be re-entered for the next transaction. If the person behind you "shoulder surfed" and watched you enter your PIN, they could conduct another transaction. They'd also have to be quick because a card not retrieved is "swallowed" by the ATM to prevent this, but again, they could grab it before the machine retains it.

In this instance, this person would have your card and your code. They could make additional withdrawals as well. It would be important for you to notify your bank ASAP that your card was lost. If additional withdrawals are made and you wait more than two business days after you realize you lost your card before you tell the bank, your liability could increase to the first $500. Your liability can increase even more if the card is still being used and you still don't notify the bank.

Published on 10/05/06