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Getting a Copy of a Check

Can I somehow get a copy of a check that was written to me by one of my clients several months ago?


There are two routes you can pursue. If you have the account number into which you deposited the check, the date and amount of the deposit, and the dollar amount of the check in question, you should be able to ask your bank for a copy. Your bank should routinely make image copies of all checks you deposit, and retrieval of the image you need should be relatively easy. If you're missing any of the key information about the check, however, the research won't be as routine. You should expect your bank to charge for this service.

The other route you could take is to contact your client and ask for a check copy. Of course, this assumes that your business relationship with the client isn't strained. If your client doesn't get checks back in statements, he or she could ask the bank to provide a copy, in which case your client would probably incur a fee.

Published on 7/31/08