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Cashing Cashier's Check without Bank Account

I borrowed money from my aunt and uncle. They sent me a cashier's check from out-of-state. Where can I cash it without a bank account?

There are no requirements that a bank cash a check for a noncustomer. They may, or may not. You won't know until you ask. If there is a branch of the bank that issued the cashier's check near you, go there first. Next, check cashing companies will do this for you, but at a price.

This may be a good opportunity to open an account at your choice of banks. Deposit the check into your new account, and leave the minimum balance there to avoid any fees. This may be a balance as low as $20, and that may be similar to what you'd pay a check cashing company, except that the $20 is still yours at the bank.

Published on 2/19/09