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Getting Refund from Uncashed Cashier's Check

I have been told that a cashier's check I purchased for construction work, written four years ago is still not cashed. I tried to contact the original person to whom the check was written via small claims court, but I could not find her and the business is closed. How can I get the money back that I paid out for the check?

If you believe that the check is lost or destroyed, you can file a statement and claim to that effect with the issuing bank. Because more than 90 days have passed since the check was issued, the bank could get you a refund in just the time it will take it to thoroughly research its records to ensure it has not been paid. If the bank surrendered the funds from the check to the state under abandoned property laws, ask them for contact information, so that you can make a claim with the state for the return of the funds.

Published on 10/22/09