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Decoding Numbers on Check Back

How do I decipher all the sets of depository numbers on the back of my paid check? I'm trying to find out where my money was deposited, re-deposited, and or sub-deposited. Search sites only tell me how to reference the numbers on the front. I'm trying to trace where my money ended, not where I wrote it.

Banks are supposed to endorse the back of a check with their 9-digit routing number. The bank that first takes the check (the depositary bank) is supposed to use two arrows pointing to its number (other banks are not supposed to do so). The depositary bank is also supposed to include its name or location in the endorsement. The routing number should look something like this: --->012345678<---.

Your bank can help you identify the bank and where it's located using the routing number. That will not generally identify which branch of the depositary bank accepted the check, however.

Published on 11/17/09