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Checks Lost in Mail: Are we Responsible?

I ordered checks from my bank's choice of vendors (Deluxe) on Feb. 17, and received a confrmation email of order placed. When I had not received them as of Mar. 5, I called Deluxe. They said they might still be in the mail, because they had been shipped Feb. 19. The woman I spoke to told me to wait until Mar. 6. When I did not receive them then, I went to my bank and asked them to put a stop payment on the checks that never arrived. An employee had told me to do this, but the bank people told us that we should not bother putting a stop payment on them because we'd be wasting our money, because if those checks are ever used, we are still responsible. Is this true that we will have to cover these lost checks if they are found/stolen and used?

If you put your bank on notice that you didn't receive a batch of checks, the bank should put a watch on your account or suggest that you open a new account. Closing the current account and opening another one is the safer way to go. If you can't get the bank to help you, look for a bank that is more responsive to this sort of alert.

Published on 3/19/10