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Using Credit/Debit Card to Buy Cashier's Check

Can a credit/debit card be used to purchase a cashier's check at a bank other than mine, for an out-of-state purchase? This is to assure the payee, at his bank, that the check is genuine.

It's certainly possible, provided that the bank in question will issue the cash advance needed to purchase the check and the card-issuing bank approves it, and of course, that the cardholder is present to sign for the cash advance. Banks are not required to provide cash advances of more than $5,000 to a non-customer. If you need to purchase a cashier's check of more than $5,000, you should make certain you can get a cash advance greater than the normal $5,000 limit. Call ahead or arrive at the bank early for your appointment with the seller.

The card issuing bank for a debit card usually has daily transaction limits, and you should find out whether your plan will run afoul of those limits. Contact your own bank before planning to use your debit card to complete a cashier's check purchase at another bank.

Published on 4/01/10