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Time Limit on Cashier's Checks?

I have a cashier's check dated 8/1/09, and there is no expiration date noted on the check or stub. Is there a time limit on cashier's checks?

The cashier's check remains an obligation of the bank it's drawn on, without a "stale date" provision in the law. However, state abandoned property laws apply to cashier's checks that haven't been paid. They typically require a bank to attempt to contact the purchaser and/or payee of an uncashed cashier's check once it's from three to five (perhaps more) years old, and to turn the funds over to the state if no one claims the proceeds.

Even after funds have been surrendered to the state's abandoned property office, however, claims can be made to that office to recover the funds. It's unwise to hold on to uncashed checks. It's too easy to misplace or forget about them.

Published on 5/19/10