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Traveler's Checks

Cashier's Checks
Getting Another Check Quickly
Must I Endorse a Cashier's Check?
Cashing Old Cashier's Checks
Bank Refuses Cashier's Check to Business
Tracing a Cashier's Check
He Said; She Said; No One Takes Responsibility
Can Damaged Cashier's Check be Replaced?
Check Lost in the Mail:What to do?
How to Get a Good Cashier's Check
Signature on Cashier/Official Checks
Should I Try to Cash 9 Year Old Cashier's Check?
Banks Duel with Cashier's Check
Mixup and Coverup at Bank?
Can I Make my own Memo Line?
Depositing Cashier's Check puts Account in Negative
Returning a Cashier's Check
Cashier's Check Bounces: Bank Fines Me!
Time Limit on Cashier's Checks?
Requiring an Endorsement for Cashier's Check
Cashier's Check as safe as a Money Order?
Dollar/Written Amount, Same: Will Check Clear?
Cashier's Check Problem
Using Credit/Debit Card to Buy Cashier's Check
Bank Won't Stop Payment, Says Wait 90 Days!
Proof of Sale before Car Purchase Happens
Recovering Funds from Cashier's Checks
Transfer Money to Bank via Cashier's Check
Dealing with a Returned Cashier's Check
How Long is a Cashier's Check Good?
How to Get Paid for Car
An Immediate Stop Pay on a Cashier's Check?
Limit to Amount of Cashier's Check?
Bank Loses My Check: No Money for 90 Days?
Retrieving Funds from Uncashed Cashier's Check
Deposited Cashier's Check Availability
Found a Check and a Problem
Recovering Funds from Uncashed Cashier's Check
Have 20 Year Old Cashier's Check: What to do?
ow to Cancel a Cashier's Check
Getting Refund from Uncashed Cashier's Check
About Stop Pay on a Cashier's Check
Bank Won't Cash Its Own Cashier's Check
Cashing a Large Cashier's Check
Cashier's Checks: one-time use checking account?
Lost Cashier's Check: What to do?
Forged Cashier's Check: How am I Responsible?
Refund for Old Uncashed Cashier's Check
Can Cashier's Check be Frozen?
How to Prove Cashier's Check was Cashed
Cancel a Cashier's Check?
Getting a Refund on a Cashier's Check
Check Lost in Mail: What Now?
What Can I Do About Lost Cashier's Check?
Wants Refund for Cashier's Check: Bank Says No
Best Payment Method for Private Car Sale
Cashier's Checks: FDIC Insured?
Do Cashier's Checks Expire?
Cashier's Check Not Endorsed; Bank Cashed
How Long is Treasurer's Check Good?
Getting Refund for Unused Cashier's Check
Putting a Stop Payment on a Cashier's Check?
Do Treasurer's Checks Expire?
Voiding a Cashier's Check
Putting a Stop on a Cashier's Check
Cashing an Old Cashier's Check
Can I Designate the Remitter on a Bank Check?
Cashier's Check, Wire Transfer: What is Foolproof?
Lost Cashier's Check
Writing Cashier's Checks to Yourself
Trying to be Safe with a Cashier's Check
I Have a Cashier's Check, But No Bank Account
About Reissuing a Cashier's Check
Check Treated as Collection Delays Process
Cashier's Check: Real or Fake?
Tracing an Uncashed Cashier's Check
What about the Numbers on Cashier's Checks and MOs
Tracing Uncashed Cashier's Check
Cashing Cashier's Check without Bank Account
Getting Money from
Cashing an Old Cashier's Check
Bank Lost 82K Cashier's Check!
How Can a Cashier's Check be Fraudulent?
Cashier's Check...Certified Check: Difference?
Effect of Stop Pay on Cashier's Check
Cashier's Check for Inter-State Sale
Bank Orders Cash for Payee
Cashier's Check Endorsed to Third Party
Paying for Cashier's Check from Joint Account
Where to Cash Cashier's Check
Recovering Money from Old Cashier's Check
Unused Cashier's Check: What do do with it?
No Account: Can I Get a Cashier's Check?
Are Cashier's Checks Traceable?
Check Copies from Way Back
Close Account, but Can't take it With You
English Pounds in Lousiville?
Getting a Copy of a Check
Cancelled Deal - Cancelled Check?
Hold That Check!
What about Indy-Mac Cashier's Checks?
Obtaining Proof of Check Cashing
Certified Check Vs. Cashier's Check
Can Voided Cashier's Check be Reissued?
Placing Stop Payment on Cashier's Check
Stop Payment on Cashier's Check
Purchasing a Cashier's Check
Canceling a Stop Payment on Cashier's Check
Obtaining a New Cashier's Check Without Fee
Retrieving Funds from Endorsed Cashier's Check
Do Treasurerís Checks expire?
Lifting Stop Previously Placed on Draft
Canceling a Banker's Draught
Lost Cashier's Check
Writing Cashier's Checks to Yourself
Is Treasurer's Check or Cashier's Check Better?
Retrieving Funds from Endorsed Cashier's Check
Trouble Obtaining a Cashier's Check
I Have a Cashier's Check, But No Bank Account
Cashier's Check Copy Needed
How Long is a Cashier's Check Good?
Obtaining Funds from Old Cashier's Check
Cashier's Checks Expiration
Cashing an Endorsed Cashierís Check
Bank Refuses to Replace Cashier's Check
Determining if Cashier's Check is Cashed
Chargeback on Bad Cashier's Check
No Car - No Check - Overdrawn: Now What?
Re-issue of Old Cashier's Check
You've lost a Cashier's Check. Now what?

Certified Checks
>Is a Certified Check Safe?
Bank Won't Cash Certified Check: Why?
Can't Get Cash from Certified Checks: Why?
Check Cashed Fraudulently: Now I'm Stuck
Certified Check Refund
Getting a Certified Check Reissued
Verifying a Check and Getting Documentation
Reclaiming an Unused Certified Check
Determining Validity of Certified Check
Checking Validity of Certified Check
Are Certified Checks Guaranteed?
Clearing Time for a Certified Check
Are Certified Checks Guaranteed?

Clearing Times
Clearing for a $12.3 M Check
All About Holds
About Check Clearing Times
Maximum Length of Hold on a Check
Bank Puts Hold on its Own Check!
Check Cleared, but Still No Money
Hold on Checks Explained
Only Half of Deposit Available?
Deposit and Stop the Same Day
Wired Paycheck Availability
Normal Time Periods for Clearing Checks
Can Stop Payment be Placed After Check Cleared?
Speeding Up the Check Clearing Process
Standard Holding Period for Very Large Checks

Lost and Stolen Checks
Six Month Rule for Check Cashing
What to do about Lost Cashier's Check
Misrouted Check takes Three Months to Fly Right
Payee has Check Writer Claims is Stolen
Fraudulent Checks with My Account Number
Husband Forged Checks; How to Pursue
I lost a Cashier's Check; What Now?
Bank Lost Check, Still Can't Find
Bank Lost Check: Can I still get funds?
Large Check Lost: What can I do?
My checks were stolen! Who should give me my money?
Lost Check was Cashed, by Whom?
Who is Liable for Missing Check?

Time Limit on Pre-dated Checks
Should Bank Cash Old Check?
Identifying Numbers in the MICR Line
Direct Deposit Takes Longer?
Endorsing a Check
Teller Cashed Check
Regulation for Timely Processing of Check
Cashier's/Certified Checks: Get Refund?
Checks Lost in Mail: Are we Responsible?
Can Bank Tell Funds Availability?
Check is in the Mail: Where? I Don't Have it.
Difference Between Signing and Endorsing
Currency Exchange 'Holder in Due Course'?
Determining Where a Check was Cashed
Name Altered on Check: Fraud?
Does the 'c/o' Need to Endorse?
Decoding Numbers on Check Back
Safest Way to Receive Payment
About MICR Lines
About MICR Lines
About Cashing Checks without Endorsements
About the Rights of Check Cashing Places
Can Employer act as a Bank?
Bank Shows Check: Is Privacy Breached Here?
Requirements for Dealing with a Check
Can We Cash Checks for Patients?
Rules for Check Cashing Stores
Checks Same as Money?
Cashing Check of Someone in Bankruptcy
Who Initiates Returned Check?
Cashed with Improper Endorsement: Responsibility?
Best Way to Receive Payment
Sending Check to Germany; Cash It?
About the Function of Dates on Checks
Record of Cashed Check on my Statement?
Making a Stop Payment on a Cleared Check
Tellers and the Patriot Act
Forwarding Made Check Late: Can I Deposit?
Who is Responsible for Bounced Check?
Incorrect Endorsement: Who is Liable?
Cashing Checks without a Bank Account
Transactions Reported to IRS
Hold Times for Different Checks
Completing a Personal Check
Cashing Checks for Another
Meaning of Bank's Stamp on Check
Handling a Deposit Only Endorsement
Explaining the "Fraction" on a Check
Overdraft Charges and Bouncing Checks
About Endorsing Tax Refund Check to Another
Bank Refuses to Cash Check: Legal?
Who Posts In-house Checks?
Cashing Checks, Money Orders and other Transactions
About Open Dates on Checks
Date Account Opened on Check?
Dealing with Checks Still Dated 2008
Where to Endorse a Check
On a Check: Numerals vs Words
Bank Allows Customer to Change Payee
Does Cashing a Check Affect My Account?
Fees for Check Cashing for Non-Customers
How About a Temporary Personal Check?
Company's Recourse for Bounced Check
Verifying Funds Before Depositing Check
Check Cashing Problem
Liability for Expiration Dates on Checks
Must be an Easier Way to Pay Rent
Check Pay Amount Different: What is Enforceable?
What Makes a Check Valid?
Check Mixup; Bank Mixup: Do I Have to Pay?
Payor says 'For Deposit Only': Legal?
Changing Preprinted Addressee of Check
Changing Currency in Checks
Was the Certified Check Cashed?
Need Check Images for Tax Purposes
ID Verification of Checks and Credit Cards
Are Certified Checks Guaranteed?
What Happens After Deposit?
Cashing an Old Check
Time Span for Checks
Will Old Checks Work with New Bank?
Bank Admits Mistake, but Won't Help
Check Missing Fraction: Fraudulent?
What is an In House Check?
Presenting NSF Check Again
Redepositing Check Image
What is an Inward Check?
Liability for Cashing Unendorsed Check
What does "Franking a Check" Mean?
Writing Check in Foreign Currency
Bank Incorrectly Suspects Fraud
Time Limit on Personal Checks
How Long is a Bank Check Good?
Liability on Bounced Check
Checks Deposited Without Endorsement
Depositing Fraudulently Endorsed Checks
Bank Liability for Forged Signature Check
Interpreting Payee Scenarios
Merchant Insisting on DOB on Check
How much is a check for, $100 or Ten Dollars
Confusing Vocabulary for Returned Checks
Length of Time Personal Check is Valid
Does a Check Have to be Dated at all?

Multi-Party Checks
Double Payee Check in My Account?
Cashing a Joint Check to Business and Individual
Multi-Party Check: What to do?
Cashing Check for Two Payees
'And' Between Names; Bank Deposits for One
Third Party Cashier's Check?
Depositing Joint Check into Personal Account
Will Old Checks work with New Bank?
Checks that Cannot Become 3rd Party Checks
Do Banks Accept Endorsed Third-Party Checks?
Policy on Depositing Third Party Checks

Traveler's Checks
Bank Won't Cash Traveler's Checks
Determining Validity of Traveler's Checks
Determining Legitimacy of Traveler's Checks
Clearing Time for Traveler's Checks
How do Traveler's Checks Work?