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Bank Lost Check: Can I still get funds?

I deposited a local check into my bank account and received a deposit receipt for the full amount of the check credited to the correct account. I checked my balance online the next day and there was no record of the deposit.

The bank told me that proofing must have lost the check and they filled out a missing check form. Two days later they still say that they are looking for the check and have not posted the deposit. I have the receipt and check stub from the transaction. Is there any way I can get them to release my money, given that they were the ones that lost my check?


Give the bank some time to search. If you don't get results in a week, try working at the other end. Find out from whomever gave you the check whether it has been paid by the bank on which it was drawn. If so, see if you can get their assistance in getting a copy of both sides of the check that you can bring to your bank.

If the check hasn't been paid, you can ask them to provide a replacement check. You might have to pay their stop payment fee, but that might be worth the expense.

Published on 6/23/08