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Is Someone Stealing From Me?

I deposited a check into my account made payable my mortgage company and myself. I checked my account online and saw a message that said "tlr cashed check dccu" and a debit of the check I deposited. I now see a credit for the amount of the check, but it hasn't posted. What does this mean? I spoke with a CSR and was told that the teller cashed check meant that I took the money right back out inside the branch, but I never touched it. What is going here?

Check back with your credit union to see if things sorted themselves out by the day after you made the transaction. It's possible that the teller processed the check as if it was a check drawn on your account and then entered a deposit to your account as if you were depositing cash. Why this happened cannot be explained, unless the teller simply was confused or inadequately trained.

If things don't sort themselves out so that you have a net increase in your account after the transaction, then you should contact the management of the credit union right away and explain your problem. You could be in the middle of a significant error that will take some unscrambling, or a dishonest teller situation. If that check you deposited was payable to both you and the mortgage company, and if you didn't get the mortgage company to endorse it first, you could have problems with that check coming back to be charged to your account.

Published on 11/25/08