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Dealing with Checks 'Void after 90 Days'

I found some paychecks that are more than 90 days old, and my bank teller said she was unable to cash them since they read "void after 90 days". Am I still entitled to these monies? She said that I could have the company reissue the checks. I would like to know my rights on this issue before I talk with the company.

If you earned those paychecks, you are still entitled to the funds, although you will have to ask your employer to reissue them. The "void after 90 days" legend is placed on your paychecks to encourage employees to cash or deposit checks without delay. Unfortunately, when checks are set aside and forgotten for a while, the company has to take steps to reissue the payments.

Of course, you'll have to surrender the old checks before you can get the new ones, and when you receive the replacement checks, get them to the bank right away. You worked for the money, and uncashed checks don't do you any good at all!

Published on 3/30/09