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Cashing Check before Date on Check

My employer gives me my paycheck the day before payday. He has no problem with me cashing it that day. Is it ok to cash it, or does it have to wait until the next day? Some tellers are ok with it and others go crazy telling me it is illegal to cash it before the date.

Although it's legal for a bank to pay a check before the date on it, it's also possible that a check issuer will contact the bank to ask that the check not be paid early, in which case the bank must wait until the date on the check. It normally takes at least one business day for a check to travel from one bank to another, so there is almost no risk at all to the bank accepting a check for deposit or for cashing, a day early. If you're cashing the check at the bank it's drawn on, there would be no delay in delivery, and that bank would know whether it's customer had asked that checks not be paid early. There are a few types of checks, usually those issued by insurance companies or for retirement benefits, that include statements on them that they aren't to be cashed unless the payee is alive on the check date. Obviously, your payroll check doesn't fall into that category. A bank would not be wrong to have a policy against cashing checks or accepting them for deposit, early. All the tellers in a given bank would adhere to whatever that bank's policy is.

Published on 5/26/09