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Two Forms of ID to Cash a Check?

I received a personal check from my employer. I do not have an account at her bank and was told I needed two forms of ID. Why?

The bank has a responsibility to verify the identity of the individual cashing a check. Apparently, the bank in question doesn't feel that a single piece of identification is sufficient.

It's also possible that the bank has a two-tiered ID policy. It may have a short list of acceptable forms of ID that it will accept alone and another list of ID documents (often these are IDs without photos or not issued by a governmental body) from which an individual must provide at least two. Other banks may require a second ID if the primary ID doesn't show a current address or doesn't agree with an address shown on the check. The short version is that the bank must protect itself from liability if it cashes a check with a forged endorsement, and it's up to the bank to determine what it will accept for ID.

Published on 8/18/09