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Do Checks for Deposit Need Endorsement?

I deposit many hundreds of small dollar amount checks with each deposit. Do the checks have to be endorsed? What can go wrong if they are not endorsed?

Although your bank can accept unendorsed checks payable to you or your business for deposit to an account in the same name, it may have a policy of not knowingly doing so. Some paying banks routinely send back unpaid checks drawn on them that are not endorsed, even though they don't need to do this. That can cause your bank to charge those checks back to your account (although it would not need to if it merely stamped them to indicate they were deposited to the payee's account). That, of course, can mean problems with your account. Unless you and your bank have an understanding that checks that are returned for endorsement will be not be charged back to your account, it is not advisable to deposit checks without an endorsement.

Published on 3/04/10