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Stopping Payment

Bounced and NSF Checks
What Can I Do with a Rubber Check?
Received Bad Check: Bank Freezes My Account?
Deposited NSF Check into Account: What Now?
Check Reversed Three Years Later?
A Cleared Check and NSF
Insurance Check Bounces but They Do Nothing
Paychecks Bounce: Bank Freezes My Account!
Client Sends Check, then Reverses: What to do?
Paycheck Returned with 'Refer to Maker'
Given Check from Closed Account: What to do?
NSF Checks Affecting Credit Rating
Who is 'Maker' of Returned Check?
Overdraft Charged Off, but Bank Takes my Check
Customer's Checks Repeatedly Bounce: What to do?
'Not Responsible for Return'..oh Yes!
Whose Job is it to Verify Authenticity of Checks?
Six Months to Return a Check?
Amount Discrepancy has Government Involved
Banks Returns Check to IRS, Not Me, Why?
Check Has Been Bouncing for Two Years
About the Legality of a Post-dated Check
Time Limit for NSF Checks
Re-presenting NSF Check
This Check Took Too Long to Bounce
Meaning of Jargon on Returned Check
What Does a Returned Check Mean?
Check Bounced for Being Too Old: Seventeen Days?
Check Writer Admits NSF: What Happens to Me?
Costs of Returned Checks
Taking Care of My NSFs
NSF Fees and Charges Too?
Am I Charged for Foreign NSF Checks?
Bank Time Period for Returning NSF Checks
Check Returned NSF Caused Overdraft
Friend's Loan Check Bounced: What to do?
Bouncing Checks: How am I Affected?

Cashing Checks
Cashing Large Check
From Readers' Digest: Did I Really Win?
Cashing Beneficiary Check
Both Present to Cash Check Payable to Both?
Writing in Check Amount: Teller Refused
Cashing a Canadian Check
Cashing a Check from a Trust
Accepting a Damaged Check
Must Bank Cash Check to Payee Presenter
Tax Refund Check Came, but I Can't Deposit or Cash
Friend's Address on Check: How to Cash?
ITF...FAO...What's the Difference?
What to do with Undated Check
Bank Refuses to Cash its Own Check
Bank Won't Cash Check: Cites 'State of the Account'
Bank's Hold on Check puts Business in Jeopardy
Made Mistake Cashing Check: Can I Reverse Process?
Accepting Check with Changed Date
Spelling Error - Can Check be Cashed?
No Bank Account: What to do with checks?
Cashing Large Check where I Do Not Have Account
Can Federal Government Checks be Refused?
Cashing a Check with Two Payees
Can I Cash a Substitute Check?
Two Different Amounts on Check; What Now?
Post-dating Pay Checks Causes Big Problem
Written/Numerical Amounts Differ: Check Returned
Received Ripped Check: What to do?
Cashing Large Check without Bank Account
CU Will Cash Check When it Gets Around to It!
Cashing Check from Company that No Longer Exists
Getting Info from Cashed Check
Determining Where a Check was Cashed
Yearly Retirement Check is No Good? What?
Ex Doesn't Deserve Check: Can I Deposit It?
Cashing a Check Endorsed to Me
Signing Check over to Another to Get Funds
Has ATM Card - No Account: What Happens Now?
First Name Only as Payee: Banks Says 'No'
Two Forms of ID to Cash a Check?
Can Father Cash My Check?
Can I Cash This Check?
Employer Gets Fee When Employees Cash Checks?
How to Cash a Joint Check
Check Cashed with No ID, Can we Sue?
Cashing Check before Date on Check
Cashing Check with Wrong Date
Can I Forge a Signature if Mom Says I Can?
Bank Takeover Causes Problem with Check
Checks Written on Closed Account: What Now?
About an Escrow Refund Check
Returned Check Confusion
eCheck Problem
Husband Abroad; How to Cash Joint Check
Cashing Check not from Our Bank
Can I Cash a Damaged Check?
Someone Else Cashed My Paycheck!
About Fees, Regulations and Compliance
Cashing Check from Closed Account
Check for Auto Repairs - but not Enough
Who is Responsible for Bad Check?
Confusion Over Dubious Checks Presented
Error in Check; Can I get Fees Reimbursed?
Verifying Check Funds
Parents want Cash for Sale of Property
Bank Won't Cash Check Without an EIN
Cashing a Check from a Federal Credit Union
Can Father Cash My Check?
Medallion Signature Guarantee Needed to Cash Check
Signing a Check Over to Another
Inadvertently Cashed Check Meant for University
Cashing Check at Bank Where Money is Owed
Cashing Business Check of Closed Company
Cashing Government Check without an Account
Just Married; No Joint Account Yet
'Pay to the Order of'....Blank?
Capital Credits Account and Dividend Checks
Check Payable to Item Purchased; How to Cash?
Separated: How to Cash a Check
Cannot Cash a Check without an Account?
Cashing Checks Payable to my Business
Can Bank Return Checks?
Is a Ripped Check Still Good?
Cashing a Check Made Out to Cash
Cashing my Social Security Check
Open an Account to Cash My Paycheck?
Does Bank Always Pay Large Checks First?
No Money, No Place
Joint Check Cashing Error – Bank’s Responsibility?
Cashier's Check Copy Needed
Can a Minor Cash a Paycheck?
Depositing Custodial Checks as Adult
Cashing Joint Check with One Signature
Obtaining Funds from Cashed Joint Check
Transaction Record with Cashing Check
Is Delay on a Title Company Check Normal?
Limit on Personal Check Use
Check Cashing Fee at Bank
Can Issuing Bank Refuse to Cash Check?
Bank's Oversight...or Mine?
Is "For Deposit Only" Valid?
Cashing a Third Party Check
How Long for US Cashier's Check to Clear Abroad?
Bank Refused to Cash Paycheck
Can I Cash Joint Check with One Signature?
Obtaining Funds from Check without Bank Account
How Long is a Cashier's Check Good?
Obtaining Funds from Old Cashier's Check
Issues with Cashing Large Insurance Check
Funds from Cashed Check Not Removed
Joint Check, One Signature
Negotiating Joint Check With Deceased Payee
Cashing Check Made Out to Cash
Cashing Business Check at Holding Branch
Requirements in Cashing Large Check
Cashing Check Made Out to Deceased Spouse
Check Cashed on Closed Account
Signing Over a Payroll Check
Cashing Check without Bank Account
Depositing Joint Check with Deceased Payee
Finding if there are Funds behind Checks
Waiting Period on Cashing Foreign Checks
Cashing Joint Check Alone
Cashing Joint Check
Cashier's Checks Expiration
Expiration on Check?
Cashing Check of Deceased Relative
Cashing Large Check without Report to IRS
Cashing a Check with Minimal Fees
Cashing Check from Different Bank
Cashing a Check without Bank Account
Avoiding Bank Fee in Cashing Check
Transferring Check Ownership without Account
Collecting Funds from Old Check
What's the Typical Length of Time to Cash a Check?
Paycheck Expiration
Can Bank Cash Check to Beneficiary of Payee?
Employee Altered Our Check - How to get repaid?
Check Withdrawn After Funds Cleared
Check Made Out to Cash: What to do?
Cashing a Check Dated for Tomorrow
Cashing Checks with a Frozen Account
Cashing a Joint Check in a Personal Account
Cashing a Check at a Different Bank
Check in Limbo: What should I do?
Cashing Check from Credit Card Company
Cashing Pay and 401k Checks for Deceased Payee
Lottery Notice: Am I being scammed?
Nephew Cashes Check for Acquaintance
Joint Tax Refund Check: Payee Out of Country
Check Cashing at Low Cost
Cashing Check When You Still Owe Bank Money
Cashing an Insurance Check for Repairs

Check Clearing
Bank Reverses Cleared Check: Gives NSF Fee
Time Limit for Check Reversal
They Owed Me, Now they say Check was Mistake
Check Cleared and Reversed: Legal?
Availability of Large Non-Local Check Funds
Check Clearing Times for International Checks
Check Good for Two Weeks, then Not
CU Verifies Check, Then Reverses: I'm Stuck!
'Refer to Maker' ...after a Year!
Can a Check be Disputed Once it's Cleared?
Time Release of Funds?
Check Clearing Time
Clearing Time Seems Too Long
Determining Which Checks Will Clear the Next Day
Stop Payment or Check Cleared?
Can Cleared Funds be Debited from Account?
Check Clearing Delays
Long Distance Check Clearing
Clearing Time for Traveler's Checks
How fast will a money order clear?
Out-of-State Check Clearing Process
Can a bank hold funds after a check clears?
They gave me my money, then they took it away!
Max Time for Out of State Check to Clear

Deposits and Depositing Checks
What Does Verification of Deposit Mean?
Confirming ID at Time of Deposit: Impossible
Depositing or Signing Over a 2 Year Old Check
EFT Confusion
Deposit Business Check into Savings Account?
Where to Deposit UTMA Check
Depositing Inheritance:To Whom is this Reported?
Depositing Joint Tax Return
Bank Refuses to Pay to 'order' of Myself
Direct Deposit, Closed Account, Where's My Money?
Joint Check Deposited into Separate Checking Account?
Which Bank Deposited my Check?
Got a Check, but Don't Know Why: Can I Deposit?
Want's to Deposit Son's Check in Own Account
Taxes on Deposit of $10,000
Account Closed: Is My Bank Responsible?
Bank Reversed Direct Deposit by Fax
Is Bank Obligated to Honor On-us Checks?
Depositing a Stopped Check
Must I Endorse a Check to Deposit it?
Bank Verifies Check, then Charges Fees
What to do with Out-of-State Check
UTMA Check: Can We Deposit?
Bank reclaims funds
About Credit Unions and Redepositing Checks
What to do with a Lump Sum Check for 1M
Depositing Check for Service Man
Getting Copies of Deposited Checks
Depositing and Transferring
Compounded Errors: What to do?
Does '/' mean 'Or'?
Depositing Daughter's Check
Exchanging Personal Check for Cashier's Check
Depositing Business Check in Personal Account
If My Deposit is Fraudulent, am I Responsible?
Bank Erred but Won't Reimburse Funds
What About my Social Security Check?
Can Wife Deposit Joint Check into Her Account?
Depositing Joint Check into Personal Account
Deposit to Daughter's Account
Depositing a Joint Tax Refund Check
Why am I Liable for a Bad Check I Deposited?
Implications of Fiance's Check in My Account
Depositing Check for Son
Many Check Deposits: IRS OK with That?
Company Says I can only Deposit Check: Legal?
Depositing Joint Check with One Signature
How long can you wait to deposit a check?
Depositing Check Sent to Deceased Relative and Me
Depositing Check to Daughter's Account
Unable to Deposit Dividend Checks
Will IRS Take Insurance Check to Pay Debt?
About Depositing a Large Check
Deposit First, or Cash Large Check?
Problem with Check Overnighted to Me
Check Clears, then I'm Told it was No Good
Joint Check Deposited into Individual Account
Just Received Check Issued 8 Months Ago; What now?
50 Million Dollar Deposit: What About Insurance?
Dealing with an Insurance Check from an Accident
Runaround on Insurance Payment Check
Needs Money From Check for Christmas
Check is Lost; Who is Responsible
Check Mix-up; What are my rights?
Check for Trust Deposited to Individual Account
About Funds Availability
Depositing with Only a Routing Number
Banks' Responsibility for Keeping Information
Is Someone Stealing From Me?
Depositing a Check for Another
Tracing a Deposit
Return Deposit Item
Funds Availability Keeps Changing
Check Good for 10 Days, Then Turned Bad
Asking Source of Check: Legal?
No Funds Behind Check: Legal?
Bank Will Not Accept Deposit According to My Wishes
Mexican National Cannot Deposit Check
Obtaining Copies of Deposited Checks
Confusion from Check for Repairs; Not Money
Paid with Phony Check; What to do?
Husband Deposited My Check - in His Account!
Bank Assumes Forgery: Can they do this?
Victim of Fraud Needs to Clear Name
Depositing a Suspect Check
Depositing Individual Check to Joint Account
Check for $15,000; Bank Credits Only $5000
What Happens After Deposit?
Bank Mixup
Deposit Problem: Bank Adjustment
Check for College - How to Deposit?
Problem Depositing a Check for Another
Functioning of a New Corporate Account
Bank Clears Check, Then Reverses
Deadline for charging back deposited checks
Pitfalls Using 3rd Party Accounts
Government Checks: How soon are deposits available?
No Will, No Estate, No Deposit
Depositing Issue
Endorsing a Signed Over Check
Burned by Insurance Check Fraud
Depositing an Insurance Draft
Three-Day Weekend Confusion
Depositing Check as Power of Attorney
Boss is Trying to be Helpful
Avoiding Fees in Depositing Foreign Checks
Depositing Check Made Out to Spouse
Funds Availability after Large Deposit
Check Issued to Deceased After Death
Check Payable to an Estate
Signing Over a "Deposit Only" Check
Obtaining Funds from Restricted Checks
Depositing Check without Signature
Depositing Joint Check with Deceased Payee
Redirecting SSA Survivor Benefits
Resolving Fraudulent Situation
Depositing Check for Relative
Depositing Expired Checks
Depositing Deceased's Check with no Estate
Depositing Checks for Relatives
Receiving Cash from "For Deposit Only" Checks
Depositing Check with Stop Payment
Depositing Company Check in Personal Account
Can Remitter get Account Info?
Why do I have to Wait for a Check to Clear?
Can I Deposit my Tax Refund in my Son's Account?
Trouble Depositing State Check in Different State
Troubles with Fraudulent Check
The Bank Lost My Checks
Standard Time for Check to Clear
Time Between Deposits for No IRS
Removing Deposited Check Before it Clears
Getting Funds From Check Lost Overseas
Signing Checks Over for Deposit
Who is Responsible for Bad Check?
Depositing Old Government Issued Check
Depositing Personal Check in Business Account
Can I Deposit my Son's Check into my Account?
Depositing Large Funds with Little Taxes
Will Large Cashier's Check be Reported to IRS?
Depositing Insurance Check into Personal Account
Depositing a Fraudulent Check
Cleared Check Reversed after Three Months
Depositing Check without Account
Depositing Business Checks into Personal Account
Depositing Check to Deceased Relative
Deposited Wrong Check: How to get it back?
Depositing Check Payable to Someone Else
Verifying Funds before Depositing
Trouble Depositing Student Loan Check
Can Directly Deposited Funds be Taken Back?
Depositing a Check Sent to Deceased Relative
Sending Customer Checks Directly to Bank
Depositing Joint Check into Non-Joint Account
Stopping the Personal Deposit of Joint Checks
Depositing an Old Check
Depositing a Check from a Deceased Individual
Can I Deposit an Unsigned Check?
Joint Account Deposit: Is Signature Required?
What is a 'Returned Deposit Item Charge'?
Bank Responsibilities on Deposited Checks
Depositing Joint Check with "For Deposit Only"
Bank Delaying Access to Funds Deposited

Bank Wants to Witness Endorsing: What to do?
Endorsing a Check to Another
Second Party Check
etting Around Endorsement Statement
'And/or' on a Check Makes Me Nervous
Endosing Wife's Name on Check
Using a Sticker for an Endorsement
Bank Wants Check Signed, not Stamped
Endorsing Room Mate's Checks: Legal?
Problem with Double-endorsed Check
Do Checks for Deposit Need Endorsement?
Teller Won't Accept Unendorsed Check for Deposit
Endorsement to Deposit
Endorsing a Foreign Check
Deposit with No Endorsement: What Happens?
Payee Names Separated by Semicolon: What?
Who Endorses Check with c/o?
Endorsing a Check to Pay a Bill
Endorse with Account Number?
Problem with Check Returned for Endorsement
Bank Refuses to Honor Endorsed Check
Endorsing Tax Refund Check to Another
Who Endorses Check Made out to Guardian?
I lost My ID. Can I Endorse My Check to a Friend?
The Case of the Accidental Endorsement
Endorsing a Check
Is Bank Liable for Cashing Unendorsed Check?
Endorsing Government Check to Utility Company
Voiding Endorsement on Check
Bank Can't Verify Endorsement
What Endorsement is Necessary for Joint Check?
Endorser Died Before Check Cashed: What to do?
Depositing a Check without Endorsement
ID Requirements: Third-Party Endorsed Money Orders
Cashing an Endorsed Cashier’s Check
Endorsing Check Would be Fraud, I think
Verifying Endorsement of Serviceman
Depositing an Incorrectly Endorsed Check
Depositing Checks With Blank Endorsements
Filing a Claim for Improper Endorsement
Endorsing Check for a Minor
Check Payable to Jane for John: Who can endorse?
Personally Endorsed Business Check
Check Reversed after Bank Didn't Endorse
Retrieving Funds from Endorsed Cashier's Check
Too Late to Recoup on Forged Endorsements?
Joint Check Endorsement
Endorsing Tax Refund Check
Endorsing Check to Deceased Relative

Bank Holds Paycheck 5 Days: Legal?
Check Clears, but Bank Keeps it 'On Hold'
Bank Refuses Me Access to Money I Earned!
IRS Deposit on Hold?
What Happens when Check is On Hold?
Funds on Hold for Overdraft: Legal?
Does Right to Hold Funds Extend to Federal Checks?
A Hold in Massachusetts
About the Length of a Hold
Hold, then Stop Payment: What is going on?
A Hold After the Check Clears?
About Check Availability
A 42 Day Hold on a Check?
Why is a Check Held for Five Days?
Holds on Paychecks?
Time Limit for Hold on Payroll Check
Banks Holds Check for Government to Check It
How Long can Bank Place Hold on Check?
How Long Can Bank Hold Funds for Deposit?
Holds on Out of State Checks
Do all Checks need to be Held before Clearing?
When is a Hold Cleared?
Half-Processed – Hold on Remainder
Hold on Paycheck: Legal?
Interest on Holds
Hold Harmless Form and Hold
Does Law Demand Hold on Out of State Checks?
Getting Around a Hold to get Cash
Unauthorized Charge on Large Check Hold?
Holding a Check for Four Months?
Hold on My Christmas Bonus Check
Long Hold on My Check: Legal?
Hold on Federal Check? Legal?
Holding Verified Funds
Does Bank Hold Postdated Checks?
Government Check on Hold?

Memo Lines
What is Allowed in the Memo Line?
Meaning of "Final Payment" on Memo Line
Disagreement on Memo Line Stipulations
Is the Memo Line Binding?

Make a Change: Leave your Initials
Signing IRS Check Over to Company
Non-profit Writes Supplies Checks to Me Personally
Victim of Bad Check wants to know Rights
Postdating a Check Illegal?
Handwritten 'Official' Check: Valid?
Transferring Checks Payable to Cash
Will Inheritance be Garnished for Husband's Debt?
Getting Funds from Settlement Check
Jailed Friend want to Gift me with 50K: Taxes?
Bank Won't Look into Error: What to do?
About a Non-MICR Bank Draft
Filling In Bank Payee Line: Legal?
Signing Insurance Check Over to Title Company
Switching Over to Cash Only
Bank Won't Accept Check Written with Marker
Investor's Check Changed into Cashier's Checks
Faxed Copy of Check 'Legal' Copy?
Received Check with No ID or Account Number
Employer Pays Me Too Much: What now?
New Year's Date, but Not on Checks
Removing a Number from the Back of a Check
Business Payee; Check Lost; What to do?
Issuing Paychecks on a Bank Holiday
Check Stolen and Cashed: What to do now?
Is it there? Is it on Hold? Can I Withdraw it?
The Timing of a Bad Check
Social Security and Home Sale
When 'Final Bequest' is Not Final
Problems Getting Check from Canadian Employer
Insurance Draft vs Insurance Check
Bank Refuses to Honor Stipulations of Notary/POA
How to Get a Medicare Check Reissued
Given Blank Check as Part of Contract
Dealing with Checks 'Void after 90 Days'
Banks and Check Information on File
Stopping a Planned Forgery
What is the Safest Form of Payment?
Defenses Against Check Payment
Using Insurance Check to Pay Medical Bill
Recovering Money from Check Mixup
Changing the Date on a Check
Correct Way to Write a Check
Completing an Affidavit to Get My Money Back
Receiving Unwanted Prizes: How to Stop
Law for Reissuance of Checks?
Lost and Found Paycheck; Can I Cash It?
Best Kind of Check to Send for Purchase
Lost Check: No One Claims Responsibility
Correct Way to Write Amount of Check
Responding to Bad Customer Service
Lost Check was Cashed, by Whom?
Obtaining Funds from Stolen Paycheck
Company Responsibility to Re-Issue Check
How do I Change Payee Name on Check?
Reason for Unexplained Check
Can Second Bank Access Money from Primary Bank?
Can Company Check be Signed over to Individual?
Why Won't Bank Let me Access Money?
Can Company Sign Over Joint Insurance Check?
Charges Pressed for Bad Checks: What to do?
Can Teller take Check without Permission?
Who is Liable for Missing Check?
Do Wire Transfers Take Time to Clear?
Can Expired Checks be Accepted?
What is an Unauthorized Check?
Bank Withdrew Insurance Check
Bank Filed Unjust Lawsuit: How to Resolve?
Signing a Check over to an Organization
What does "Not Valid For Cash" mean on Check?
Bank Fees Result of Employer's Mistake
Account Overdrawn Due to Bad Check: What to do?
Possible Check Kiting: What should I do?
Using Old Checks After a Merger
Bringing Proceeds from Sale Abroad Back to States
Checks Written Against Equity Line of Credit
Payment Check Troubles: How do I get my Money?
What Does "Refer to Maker" Mean?
Bank Error: Can you keep the funds?
Is a post-dated check valid if payor dies?

Multiple Payees
Ex-husband Takes Joint Check to Bank
No 'and' or 'or' Between Payees: What to do?
Four Payees, but only Two Endorse?
Cashing Check with 'or' Between Payees
Endorsing Two-party Check
Negotiating Check with Four Payees
Multiple Payees Separated by 'Or'
Multi-party Check Cashed by One: What Now?
Two Payees, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
Joint Payees: One there
Dfference Between 2nd Party and 3rd Party
Endorsement for Multiple Payees
Cashing Insurance Check to Body Shop and Me
Letter of Guarantee to Cash Joint Check?
Cashing a Three-party Check
Third Party Check Problem
Joint Check Problem
Cashing a Check to Multiple Payees
Insurance Check for Repairs Causes Problem
Check Made in Error to My Ex and Me
Joint Account Closed: Ex-Husband Takes Joint Check
Joint Payees Present to Cash Check?
Four Payees on a Check: Legal?
Missing Payee: How to Cash Check?
Multiple Payees Create Big Confusion
Multiple Payees: How to Cash Check
Dealing with a Double Payee Check
Insurance Check Issued to Body Shop and Me
Using Marriage License as ID to Cash Check
Cashing Check to Business and Individual
Joint Payees, No Joint Account
Cashing a Check with a Deceased Joint Payee
Check with Three Payees: What do I do with It?
Endorsing a Check with Two Payees
Cashing Large Check with Double Payee
Present to Endorse Joint Check?
Handling 2- and 3-Party Checks
Joint Payees and Bad Feelings
Problems with Cashing a Joint Check
Cashing a Check with Two Payees
Problems Cashing a Four Party Check
Depositing a Joint Check
Joint Check from US Treasury
Depositing Joint Check into Personal Account
Can One Person Deposit Joint Check?
Depositing Joint Checks into Business Account
Depositing Joint Check into Single Account
Signing Over a Third Party Check
Depositing Joint Check Endorsed by One
Bank Deposited Check with Two Payees into One Account
Depositing a Check with Multiple Payees
Joint Check Deposited into Single Account: Legal?
Depositing a Cashier's Check with Two Payees
Where Do I Deposit a Joint Payee Check?
Check Payable to Three Persons
Depositing Check Payable Jointly to Contractor
Roommate Won't Sign Jointly Payable Refund Check

Non-local Checks
Out-of-state Check: Fraudulent?
Trying to Cash Canadian Check
Determining Legitimacy of Traveler's Checks
Clearing Time for a Canadian Check
Cashing a Small Foreign Check
Cashing a Check Written in Pounds
Cashing a Foreign Check
Credit Union won't cash Canadian Check
"Not Negotiable" on Foreign Check
Cashing Check in Foreign Country

Old Checks
How Long do Employers Keep Old Checks?
Honoring a Stale-dated Check
Getting an Old Check Reissued
Tracing a 20 Year Old Check
Options for Dealing with Old Check
Cashing Check Three Months Old
Can I Cash Paycheck from 2006?
Long Past "Void after" Date: What to do?
About Cashing a 2 Year Old Check
Cashing a 2-Year Old Government Check
5 Month Old Check Bounces: Who is Responsible?
Depositing an Old Check
Cashing an Old Payroll Check
Cashing a 2 Year Old Check
Cashing 4 month Old Check
Check Two Months Old: Still Good?
Do Old Paychecks Ever Die?
Four Year Old Check Still Good?
Are 30-Year Old Treasury Checks Any Good?
How Long Does a Check Stay Fresh?
Cashing Old Check
Are 70-Year-Old Checks Negotiable?
Time Limit on Cashing Old Checks
Depositing an Old Check
Found an Old check – Still Good?
Depositing 11 Month Old Check
Depositing Old Estate Check
Depositing Paycheck a Year Later
Potential Problems with Depositing Old Check
Depositing Checks Over One Year Old
Funds Removed from My Account for Year Old Check
Replacing a 5 Year Old Paycheck
Cashing Check over 20 Years Old
Cashing an Old Check

Stopping Payment
Does Stop Pay on Check go Against Credit Rating?
Responsibility for Stop Payment Fee
Stop Pay on Canadian Check is Puzzling
Should Stop Payment Mean Stop Shipment?
Customer Writes Check, then Stops Payment: What Now?
Cleared Check Had a Stop Payment
Cashed Check with Stop Payment on it: Now What?
Personal Rights Regarding Stop Payment
Obtaining Funds from Stopped Check
Stop Payment on Cashier's Check
Check without Stop Payment Option
Retrieving Funds after Stop Payment on Check
Responsibility for Stop-Payment Fee on Lost Check
Time Limit on Placing Stop Payment
Stop Payment Placed: What should I do with Check?
Stop Payment Placed on Check After Goods Exchanged
Stop Payment Issued: Caught in the Middle
Time Frame on Placing a Stop Payment
Stop Payment on Cashier's Check?
Stopped Payment on a Check for a Car I Sold