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Expiration on Check?

I have two paychecks from three months ago for my bank in the US. Now I am outside the US and have no means to cash them. There isn't an expiration date on either of the checks. Are they still good? How long will they be good?

Checks don't usually have expiration dates. The banks they are drawn on, however, have the right to refuse payment if the checks are more than six months old when they are presented for payment.

It's also possible that the check issuer has a contract with its bank not to honor checks over a given age. For example, an employer issuing paychecks could contract with its bank not to honor paychecks more than three months old. Normally, checks subject to such contracts are expected to have a legend indicating they aren't valid after 90 days. That does not change the fact, however, that your employer would owe you a replacement check if you aren't able to cash a paycheck because it's too old.

Published on 12/05/07