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Stop Payment on Cashier's Check?

Can a request to stop payment be placed on a cashier's check?

No. A cashier's check, which is a direct obligation of the issuing bank, is not subject to a stop payment order. That's because the issuing bank is required to honor the check if it's presented by the payee (except in very rare cases in which the bank has a valid claim against the payee) or other person with the authority to enforce payment, e.g., another bank that took the check for deposit.

In most states (all except South Carolina as of now), there is a provision in the Uniform Commercial Code that allows the purchaser/remitter or payee of a cashier's check to file a claim and affidavit with the issuing bank if the check has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. Then, once the check in question is ninety days old, the issuing bank can honor the claim and thereafter refuse to pay the original check should it show up for payment. That claim process does not help a purchaser who has problems with a seller of goods or services.

Published on 6/19/07