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Can I Deposit an Unsigned Check?

My roommate gave me his paycheck from work as payment for last month's rent, and now he has left the state. He never signed the back of the check or anything. I am wondering is it still possible for me to deposit it into my account? Can I still sign it and deposit it into my ATM?

Hopefully, you and your former roommate are on good terms, because you're going to need his further cooperation in getting that rent money. To transfer his paycheck to you, your roommate had to endorse it first. Since he didn't do that, the check is pretty much worthless to you. You can't endorse it for deposit, and you bank should not take it for deposit without seeing the payee's endorsement. Try to get your former roommate to agree to endorse the check, or to meet you halfway, if necessary, to swap the check for a money order payable to you.

Published on 6/05/07