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Cashing an Undated Check

I forgot to date my rent check. My management company said they cannot cash an undated check. Is this true?

It could be. The company's bank may have refused to accept the check for deposit because it was concerned it would not be honored. There's also a chance that the management company hasn't tried to deposit the check and doesn't want to because it's concerned the check won't be paid.

Candidly, the chances your bank would even notice the missing date are very slim. However, if it will make everybody more comfortable, tell the management company to go ahead and insert the date you sent the check. It's legal for your bank to pay the check with that insertion, since it does not change anyone's rights or affect the amount of the check. If the management company is adamant about getting a new check, don't provide it unless you get the old one back in exchange.

Published on 7/20/09