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Bank Paid Unsigned Check

I gave out an unsigned check, and the person that was holding it, deposited it into his account and it cleared not only his bank, but mine also. How is this possible?

It may be a bit unsettling to hear that many banks don't verify that all checks presented for payment are signed by their accountholders or even signed at all, but that's what happens with the high volumes of checks being processed in automated fashion in today's banking environment. Although bank tellers do review deposited checks, it is certainly possible for a teller to miss an unsigned check, particularly in a deposit of many items.

If it was not your intent that the check be paid, you can contact your bank to make a claim that the check was paid without authorization, but you must do this within the time limits imposed by your bank's deposit contract. Your bank can attempt to disclaim responsibility on the theory that when you gave the check to the payee, you did so with the intent that it be paid.

If you are asking this question because you made a mistake and failed to sign the check, but meant for the payment to be made, consider this a learning experience and drop the matter, but if you did not intend to have the payment completed, why would you put the check in his hands?

Published on 12/03/09