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About Cashier's Checks
Refund Policy for Cashier's Checks
Do I Endorse Cashier's Check?
Delaying Payment on a Cashier's Check
Cancelling a Cashier's Check
Getting Money Back from an Unused Cashier's Check
How Long is Info on Cashier's Check Held?

Account Mixups
Will I Have to Pay It Back?
Checks Still Written on Closed Joint Account
A Case of Embezzlement
Transfer Gone Bad
Funds Deposited to the Wrong Account
Check Deposited in Account Other than Payee's
Checks with Incorrect Account Number

Bank Errors?
Depositary Bank Changes Check Amount
One Error Leads to a Few Others: Who is Liable?
Bank's Obligation for Their Error
Bank Paid Unsigned Check
Bank Admits Error, Still Wants Payment from Me
Bank Error Causes Big Problems
Check Delay Causes Problems
Check Cashed with No Endorsement or Stamp
Who Pays for Bank Errors?
Bank Honors Two-Year Old Check!
Bank's Mistake Gives me Fees
Series of Bank Errors: No One Takes Responsibility
Bank Error Causes Check to Bounce: Liability?
Check Imaging the Root of the Problem
Double Processing - Bank Error?
Charged for a "Theoretical" Overdraft
Bank Blocked Payment without Notice
Can Bank Recall Check without Consent?
Is Bank Required to Notify me of an Overdraft Fee?
Can Bank Process Post-Dated Check Early?
Paid Bank Unnecessary Fee for 5 Years: What to do?
Glitch in Online Bill Pay?

Bounced & Lost Checks
Person Loses Check, then Sues Check Writer
Check Bounces: Is that My Fault?
Tracking a Check to Prove it was Sent
Putting a 'Watch' on My Account
Writing Checks after NSF
About Getting Checks Returned
About a Returned Check
Employee's Duplicity Puts Us in Hole
Returned Check's Message - What is this?
What is 'checkAGAIN'?
Trying to Trace an Old Check
Check for Closing Lost by Post Office: What Now?
NSF Check; Who is Responsible?
Responsibility for Bounced Check
Bank Lost Rent Check, Says its My Fault
Check Lost in Mail: What should I do?
Check Not Received: What to do?
Bank Lost My Cashier's Check
Repercussions of a Lost Check
Store Lost Check - What should I do?
Liability on Bounced Check
Bank Lost Loan Payment: What should I do?

Cashing Checks
Check Clears for Incorrect Amount: What Now?
What is a 'Teller Cashed' Check?
Cashing Beneficiary Check
Writing a 'Check' on a Blank Paper?
Bank Cashes Check with No Signature: Fraud?
Identifying Bank of Check Casher
Account Closed before Check Cashed: What Now?
How Long Before One Must Cash a Check?
Time Limit for Cashing Old Check
Payee Delays Cashing Check: I get Fee!
Cashing Out-of-state Checks
Landlord Doesn't Cash Check: Account is 'On Hold'
Are Post-dated Checks Legal?
Cashed or Deposited: How to Tell
Bank Cashes Check One Year Old! Huh!
Changing Date on Check: Fraud?
When Will Account be Debited for Cashed Check?
Is a Blank Check Illegal?
Wrong Date Amended: Bank Still Cash?
How to Write a Two-Payee Check
Postdated Check a Promissory Note?
Cashing an Undated Check
How do Dates on Checks Work?
'Payable to Cash' - Good Idea?
How Could a 4 Year Old Check Get Cashed!
Bank Cashes Old Check; Recovery?
Shouldn't My Check be Cashed by Now?
Cashed Check Not on Bank Statement
Personal Information Needed to Cash Check
How are Checks Processed?
Business Cashes Check and Puts Self as Payee
Undated Check: Negotiable?
Identifying Where a Check was Cashed
Old Check Suddenly Cashed; Now I'm Overdrawn
Which Bank Can Refuse 3rd Party Check?
Post-Dated Check Cashed Immediately Now What?
Payee Changed Date on Check
Bank Seizes Check Due to Fees Owed
Amount Changed to Avoid Stop Payment: Fraud?
Wrote Check to Wrong Person
Check Altered and Cashed
Honoring Old Paycheck
Problem with Check Made out to Cash
Old Check Cashed after New Check Issued
What is a Transmittal?
Liability for Cashing Unendorsed Check
I Cancelled Already Cashed Check
Timeframe on Cashing a Check
Evidence of Check Processing
You Still Owe
Finding Proof Cashier's Check was Cashed
Check Funds not Removed from Account
Unsigned Check Cashed: Bank's Responsibility?
How long will Checks be Honored by Bank?
Old Checks Not Cashed: How Long is too Long?
Credit Union Wouldn't Cash Check: Why?
Placing Time Limits on Cashing Personal Checks
How long can you wait to deposit a check?

Check Clearing
Check Clears for Incorrect Amount: What Now?
Time to Clear 'For Deposit Only' Check
Check Didn't Clear - Sixteen Years Ago!
Check Adjustment
Check Cleared? Bank Says No; Landlord Says Yes
6 Month Old Check with Stop Payment Cleared!
Check Converted to ACH Debit; Proof of Payment?
How Long for Check to Clear?
What does 'Accepted w/Reservation' Mean?
Date Used for Accounting Purposes
Checks Processed Largest First?
How Long for Check from Abroad to Clear?
Old Checks Haven't Cleared Bank: How long to Wait?

Check Problems
Is This Fraud...Theft...or Both?
How Long are Uncashed Checks Valid?
Suing Me for a Two Month Old Check?
Four Overdraft Fees at Once: Legal?
Paid Roofer, they Closed Down: What About my Check?
Is Check Writer Obligated to Re-issue Check?
Check Mixup Compounded
Check Amount not Deducted from Account
Old Checks Accepted Because Deposited Via ATM
Wife tells Husband to Forge Check
Writing Checks and Gambling on Float Time
Unsigned Check Turned into E-Check - Processed!
Cashed Check after Cash Paid
Attorney Altered My Check: What to do?
Signed, Blank Check Stolen: Is Bank Responsible?
Bank Thinks I was Kiting Checks
Stop Payment, Check and Account Confusion
Returned Check for Sufficient Funds
Check Lost: What are the risks?
It's 2010! Wrong Date on Mortgage Payment!
Correcting Wrong Date on Check
Post-dating Checks Causes Problems Now
Landlord Crosses Out Insurance Company on Check
No Bank Markings on Check: Why?
How Does Bank Re-route Mis-routed Check?
Check Number Confusion
Check Cleared: Paid: Bank Says No
What does: 'Lack of Endorsement Guaranteed' Mean?
Simultaneous Withdrawals/Deposits - OK?
Endorsed/Stamped for Deposit a Must?
Check Cashing Place Cashed Check with Stop
Check to Company, Cashed by Liquidator: Now What?
6 Month Old Check Cashed on Closed Account
Suing for Stopped Check Cashed - a Year Later!
Check Written Under Duress Starts Problems
Landlady Passes Away before Depositing Checks
Check Written Incorrectly: Now I'm in Big Trouble!
Check to Wrong Person, What Can I Do?
Processing an Electronic Image of a Check
Which Bank Rejected My Check?
About Spelling out the Amount of a Check
Who Fixes Incorrectly Written Check?
NSF Fee Confusion
Time for Returning NSF Checks
Checks Stolen But Bank Took Money Anyhow
Check Cashed, Work Not Done: What Can I Do?
Redepositing a Check
NSF Liability for Frozen Account Activity
Check and NSF Confusion
Bank Error Perpetrated Fraud; What is my Recourse?
Pay on a Check 15 Years Old?
Understanding Overdraft Fees
Husband Writes 'Mystery Checks'
Wrong Year on Check; What Now?
Overdrawn with Only Social Security Check Income
Scammed by Door to Door Salesman
Can Landlord Refuse Personal Check?
Check Lost in Mail: What should I do?
Check Not Received: What to do?
Checks Mixed Up, But Deposited Anyway
Endorsed by Mistake
Check Not Deposited
Check Too Big for Potato Chips; Any Recourse?
How Long to Wait for Check Refund?
Getting Bank to Pay for Mistake
Cleared Amount Different from Written on Check
Credit Union not Accepting Auto Payments
Will Bank Pay Two Checks with same Number?
Written and Numeral Amounts on Check Different

Memo Lines
Copy is Made of Check with Disparaging Memo
Bank Refuses to Cash Check with Note in Memoline
Validity of Memo Line Notations
How Valid is Memo Line Notation?
Penalty for Altering Memo Line of Check?
Can Payee Change Memo Line?
Memo Line Changes
Crossing Out Memo Line Notation on Check
Legality of Changing Memo Line on Check
The Memo Line
Memo Line on Cashier's Checks
Is the Memo Line Binding?

Four Minutes Late so I Get a Fee?!
Overdraft Fees for Authorized Transaction Holds?
Writing Check Payable to Ex and Doctor
Swim Club Requests Post-dated Checks
Check Photo-copy Legal?
Can My Paid Check be used by My Bank?
What Does 'Endorsement Cancelled' Mean?
Writing Checks with No Funds
'Pay to the Order of...' Line
What is included in the Privacy Law?
Getting Check Numbers from Two Years Ago
Value of Uncashed Bank Draft
Multiple Payees: How Many Can I Have?
Withdrawing from Closed Account
Company Takes Payment and Goes out of Business
Bank's Order of Posting Presents Hardship
Deciphering Code on Check
Written and Numerical Check Amounts Vary
Need Form for Tax Free Gift Giving?
Writing a Check to Two Payees
One Check to Contractor and Suppliers: Normal?
Pay Rent with Check Made out to Cash: Legit?
Does '/' mean 'Or'?
When is Money Taken from My Account for Check?
Making a Check Jointly Payable
Can I assess the bank an overdraft fee?
Getting Information from Cancelled Check
Account Reported to ChexSystems: What is Affected?
Earnest Money for Vehicle Purchase Not Returned
Old Check Paid from Account: Can I Reverse It?
Writing Check to Multiple Payees
Signing Receipt of Checks Form
Reported for Writing Check to Myself?
Hold on Check for Unsatisfactory Work?
About Check Processing
Check Number Confusion
Sending Refund Check to Parents of Minor
Personal Check Expiration
Determining Name on Account from Deposit Info
Writing a Check in Spanish
Writing a Personal Check
My Mistake, Can I Fix It?
Correct Way to Write Amount of Check
Will Old Checks Work with New Bank?
Paid in Full - or Not?
Canceling Deposited or Cashed Check
Finding Info on Check from Closed Account
Rearranging Check Processing Order
Deposit in Creditor's Account Absent Payee?
Recovering Money from Fraud
Transferring Funds between Joint Accounts
Using Joint Account if Personal Account Overdrawn
Tax Deduction for Donation?
Guidelines Regarding Depositing Checks
Order that Debits Clear from Account
Bad Check: How Long to Notify Payor?
Disappearing Debit: What Happened?
Concerns After a Large Deposit
Obtaining Information on a Certified Check
Collection Fees on Overdrawn Accounts
Overdraft: Can a bank pay the largest item first?
Definition: "Endorsement Not As Drawn"
Interpreting Payee Scenarios
Thinking Ahead on Bank Check Purchase

Stopping Payment
Stopped Payment, but Cashed Anyway
Stop (and Go) Payment on My Check
Check Stopped; Landlord Notified: Still Have Fee
Check cashed, then we stopped payment: Who pays?
Can Payee Keep Cash From Stopped Check?
Stop Payment on Check for No Work
Bank Comes After Me for Stop Payment
Stop Payment and EFT
Doing a Stop Payment Online
Am I Liable for My Stopped Check?
Stopped Payment; Check Cashed
Stop Payment Paid in Error: What Now?
A Visible Stop Payment
Is Placing a Stop Payment a Criminal Offense?
Check with Stop Payment Cashed: Am I Liable?
Problem with Stop Payment
Stopping Payment on Check Sent to Bankrupt Company
Company Going After me for Placing Stop Payment
Fudged Stop Payment: What should I do?
Reasons for Stop Payment
Using a Stop Payment for Bad Service
Stopping Payment on a Money Order
Stopping Payment on a Bank Check
Stopping Payment on a Check
My Bank Cashed a Stopped Check