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Written and Numeral Amounts on Check Different

I made a payment with a check where the numeral amount and the written amount were not the same. The written amount was much larger. The check cleared for the written amount and the payment was credited for the numeral amount. How do I go about getting the balance credited back into my account? How long will it take?


The Uniform Commercial Code tells your bank that if the numerical amount differs from the written amount, to use the written amount. The company that cashed your check gave you credit for the lesser numerical amount, but your bank deducted from your account the larger, written amount. Provide a copy of the check and your bank statement to the company to which the check was paid. They will have received the larger amount from your bank. Their accounts should be out of balance because of this. With proof from you as to what they received, they should either credit your bill for all they received, or refund the overage to you. Obviously they'll go through some steps to verify that they in fact have the money before this happens. As to how long that will take, we can't make that estimate. Published on 8/13/07