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Hiding Estate Money in Friend's Account

I tried to endorse a $50,000 check to my boyfriend from my mom's estate. I didn't want my name on the account because of credit problems. I'm not trying to hide assets, just trying to make sure money doesn't get snatched. They didn't want to let me endorse it to him without putting my name on the account. If I have the money wired into his account, am I likely to run into a hold or a problem?


We can't answer your question because "just trying to make sure money doesn't get snatched", is in fact hiding the funds, and without your name on the account as an owner, you would be transferring ownership of those funds to your boyfriend. We assume your intent wasn't to gift these funds, and that is deceptive. It is bad for both you and boyfriend. We suggest making payment arrangements with your creditors.

Published on 4/23/10