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Accessing Accounts of the Deceased  |   Beneficiaries
Cashing Checks of the Deceased  |   Depositing Checks of the Deceased
Estates and Estate Accounts  |   Frequently Asked Questions
Joint Accounts  |   Miscellaneous

Finding Bank Records of a Deceased Relative
Retrieving Funds from a Deceased Relative
Cashing Check Payable to Deceased Person
Depositing Check Made Out to Deceased
Joint Account with Deceased Individual


Accessing Accounts of the Deceased
Bank Refuses Access to Estate Account
Bank Refuses Executor Access to Account
Changing Checking Account Over to Estate Account
Getting Info about Safe Deposit Box
Found Old Savings Account of Deceased
Bank Statements Subpoenaed by Court
Intestate: How to Obtain Account Info?
Murder Investigation Impedes Access to Lock Box
Getting Access to Deceased's Safe Deposit Box
Bank Reopens Account of Deceased - Legal?
Trying to Find Accounts of Husband
Bank Charges Fees on Account of the Deceased
Retrieving Money from a Foreign Account
Safe Deposit Box Owners Deceased: What now?
Dealing with CDs of the Deceased
Daughter Empties Account of Deceased Mother
Sole Survivor Tries to Get Account Information
Can't Find the Key and Don't Know the Bank
Seventeen Year Old Account Still Active?
ITF Account Holders Die: What Happens Now?
Husband Dies; Account Documentation Missing
Transferring Late Mother's Account to Mine
Beneficiary Cannot Close Account
POA Ends at Death of Subject
Tracking Down Old Accounts
Activity Continues in Frozen Account
Bank Continues to Debit Account After Death
Finding Accounts of Deceased Child
Executor's Responsibility to Report Irregularities
Accessing Funds of Deceased
Locating 20 Year Old CD of Deceased
Using Checking Account of the Deceased: Fraud?
Money Stolen from Account of Deceased
How to Find Old Accounts of Deceased
Finding Accounts of the Deceased
Old CD and Recent Bank Buy-out: Where's Money?
Locating Grandmother's Assets
Wait 45 Days to Access Account of Deceased: Why?
Lock on Account of the Deceased?
About Using Debit Card of the Deceased
Intestate: Mother Needs Copy of Bank Statements
Closing CD Accounts of the Deceased
Intestate: What Happens to Accounts?
Cashing Check without Probate
Accessing Accounts of the Deceased
Uncle Forged Check on Account of Deceased
Handling CD of Deceased
Getting Information about Accounts of the Deceased
Dealing with Deceased Father's Accounts
Getting Info on Account of the Deceased
Both Owners Deceased - Can't Get Funds
Bank Changed Name: How to Close Account
What to do with CD of Deceased
Bank Lost Signature Card; How to Access Account
Does Mystery Account Really Exist?
Accessing Account with No Will, No Probate
Accessing Investment Funds
Redeeming CD of Deceased
Executor Took CDs POD to Daughter
Renewing CD of Deceased Person
Beneficiary Needs Verification of Signature
Form Needed to Close Account of Deceased
Locating Old Accounts
Bank Sent Account to Probate Department
Searching for Beneficiary’s Money
Avoiding Penalties from Bequeathed Account
Bank Won't Release Documentation
What to do Regarding Suspected Fraud
Transferring Funds after Death
Status of Checking Account After Death
Obtaining Money without going to Probate
Non-executor Obtaining Info on Account
Titling an Account to Avoid Probate
Withdrawing Funds after Accountholder Dies
Finding Bank Records of a Deceased Relative
Writing Checks as POA after Death: Repercussions?
Money Removed Right Before Death
Account Frozen After Mother's Death
Withdrawal of SS Funds After Owner's Death
Payable on Death vs. Trust Checking Account
Access to CDs by Heirs
Locating an Old Bank Account
Locating Deceased Relative's Account
Finding Information on Old Transactions
Settling Accounts and Taxes after Death

Beneficiary is Incarcerated: What Now?
Can Beneficiary See Bank Records?
How are Funds Distributed to POD?
Where to Deposit Inheritance?
Changing Checking Account Over to Estate Account
Inheritance Must go into HELOC?
Beneficiary of One Account, not the Other
Intestate: Who Benefits from Accounts?
Reinvesting Inherited Funds
Determining Beneficiary of CD
Does CD with POD Supersede Will?
Difference Between Heir and POD
Can Brothers Assume Mortgage of Inherited House?
Beneficiary and Owner of CD Die: What Now?
Name Mysteriously Appears as CD Beneficiary
Incapacitated Individual who Inherits
Bank Error Closes Out Beneficiaries
Husband Bequeaths Part to Daughter; Wife Wants All
Surviving Spouse Excluded as Beneficiary?
Bank's Mixed Messages Create Hardship for Widow
Depositing Check into Beneficiary's Account
IRA Tied Up by Non-Communicative Beneficiary
Beneficiary Wants to Share Inheritance
Person Dies Abroad: Beneficiary Needs Info
Beneficiaries Have Issues with Lawyer
What Makes a Will Real?
Will states one thing: Brother says another
Suspicions, but No Will
Redeeming an Inherited CD
I Get Safe Deposit Box Contents, but I Lost Key
Bank Freezes POD Account
Who is Liable for 'Inherited' Loans?
Home with Mortgage Left to Me: What Happens Now?
Getting Separate Checks for Co-Beneficiaries
POD and POA Mixup
Two Beneficiaries; One Died; Who Gets What Now?
Do CD and IRA Funds Go to Me or Estate?
What to do with Old Beneficiary Check
Husband Leaves 'Note' about CD: Legal?
Old Beneficiary Checks Found: What to do?
Online Transfer Moves Funds After Death
Fifth Beneficiary Cannot be Found: What Now?
Who Owns What After Father Dies?
Beneficiary Changes
Mother Passes Bad Checks; Daughter Liable?
About Being POD on a CD
Who Benefits from Account: Beneficiary or Executor
Sister Takes Over Everything as POA
About Survivor Rights
CD Funds to Beneficiary or to Estate?
Bank Employee Puts Herself as Beneficiary of CD
Single Person; No Heirs: Who Gets Funds?
Early Inheritance
Is an Old Will Still Good?
Cashing an Estate Check
Is there such a thing as a Holding Account?
Delayed Probate: What Happens to the House?
Who Inherits Safe Deposit Box?
POD with Multiple Beneficiaries
Determining Beneficiary on Foreign Account
We Paid His Mortgage - Do We Get His House?
Who Receives Funds after Death?
Who is Beneficiary?
Relative Died Intestate: Status of Account?

Cashing Checks of the Deceased
Cashing Check Endorsed by Decedent
Check to: "Mom in Law": What to do?
Cashing Check of Deceased
Cashing Postdated Check, Post Death
Cashing Tax Refund Check in Deceased's Name
Checks to Estate and to Deceased
No Property, Assets, Accounts or Will: Cash Check?
Small Account: No Will: Can I Cash His Checks?
Cashing Check to Late Husband
Joint Payees: One Deceased: What to do?
Bank Refuses to Honor Old CD
Post-Dated Checks of Deceased
Beneficiary Wants to Cash Checks of Deceased
How to Endorse Trustee Checks of Deceased
Checks Written to be Used After Death: OK?
Cashing Check of Deceased with No Accounts
Cashing Warranty Check of the Deceased
Checks Sent to Intestate: What to do?
Cashing Check Received 4 Years Too Late
Cashing Check without Probate
Cashing Already Endorsed Checks of the Deceased
Endorsing Checks Payable "To the family of..."
Check from Lawsuit Arrives too Late; What to do?
Cashing Pre-signed Checks of the Deceased
Check Dated after Death: Can it be Cashed?
Uncashed Government Checks from WWII
Executor Died, Who Can Cash Checks?
Cashing Checks of the Deceased
Received Check Long After Mother's Death
Cashing Check Written to Estate c/o Myself
Is it Customary to Issue Check to Deceased?
How to Cash Refund Check without Probate
Bank Won't Cash Check Without an EIN
Bank Assumes Forgery: Can they do this?
Check Payable to Deceased; How to Handle
Cashing Check to Joint Payees, Both Deceased
Stimulus Check for Deceased Person
Transferring Funds to Pay Expenses
How to Cash an Estate Check
Cashing an Old Check
I Can't Get This Check Cashed!
Are 30-Year Old Treasury Checks Any Good?
Sorting out Assets after a Death
Cashing Check without Probate
Endorsing Check to Deceased Relative
Can Bank Cash Check to Beneficiary of Payee?
Endorser Died Before Check Cashed: What to do?
Check in Limbo: What should I do?
Custodian Dies: Can TXUTMA funds be used?
Administratrix Trying to Cash Checks

Depositing Checks of the Deceased
Honoring Unnegotiated Checks after Death
Executor of Trust for Deceased
I Live in His House; Can I Forge His Checks?
Bank Will Not Accept Check of Deceased for Deposit
>Depositing Estate Check into Joint Account
Trying to Deposit Someone Else's Check
Confusion with Deposit to Account of Deceased
Depositing Check Payable to Deceased Sister
Settlement Check Received Eight Years Too Late
Sister Opens Account, Deposits Mother's Checks
Endorsement Format for Court Appointment
Depositing Large Amounts of Cash
Depositing Check Payable to Deceased Father
Depositing Check Sent to Deceased Relative and Me
Depositing a Check from a Deceased Individual

Estates and Estate Accounts
Check to Estate Administrators: Can we Cash It?
Check to Estate and Me: Why Can't I Cash It?
Need Lawyer to Set Up Estate Account?
Small Estate: Need Tax ID Number?
Estate Administrator Unable to Perform Duties
Estate Check Made Payable to Administrator
Who owes the bank for the mortgage loan?
Dual Signatures for Estate Checking Account
How Does Executor get Bank Records?
Affidavit of Heirship and Estate Checks
Depositing Cash into Estate Account
Executrix/Heir Deposits Estate Check to Own Account
Insurance Check to Estate, but there is No Estate
Bank Allows Sister-in-law to Steal from Estate
$125K check Stolen from Estate
Depositing Estate Check into Personal Account
Estate Closed: What to do with checks?
Executor Empties Account: What can we do?
Depositing Estate Checks into POD Account
Estate Closed: Savings Bonds
Executor Blocks POD: Legal?
Credit Union Disregards Estate Executrix
Endorsing Checks as Executor of Estate
Trusts and Estate Accounts
Setting Up Estate Account from Afar
Executor's Responsibility to Report Irregularities
Executor Empties Account before Estate Process
CDs in Estate Account: Who Gets Them?
Cashing a Check to an Estate
Death of Borrower
Opening an Account in Name of Deceased
Executor Squanders Funds on Herself, Not Bills
Check Payable to Estate Needs Estate Account
Endorsing an Estate Check
Opening an Estate Account
Cashing an Estate Check
Cashing Check Made out to Estate
Why Do I Need a Testamentary?
Status of Mortgage and Home after Death of Owner
Can an Estate Account be Interest-bearing?
Depositing Estate Check into Joint Account
Stimulus Check Returned or Now Part of Estate?
Banks Makes Error - then Wants Me to Fix It!
CDs in Trust or Part of Estate?
How to Endorse Estate Checks
About an Estate Account and Outstanding Bills
Setting Up an Estate Account 10 Years After Death
Are Father's Accounts Part of His Estate?
Sorting Out an Estate
Cashing a Large Check without an Estate Account
No Will, No Estate, No Deposit
Depositing Deceased's Check with no Estate
Depositing Old Estate Check
Funds Deposited in Estate Account
Depositing Checks Payable to Estate
How Do I Set up an Estate Account?
Setting Up an Estate Account
How to Open an Estate Account
Closed Estate Account; Continuing Traffic
Medallion Signature Guarantee Needed for Estate
Do I Need More Than One Estate Account?
What is the deposit insurance coverage for an estate account?
Estate Account Necessary for Expenses?

Joint Accounts
Joint CD Part of Estate?
Does Joint Account become Part of Will?
Open Trust or Use Checking Account?
Three Signatures on Account
Tax on Joint Accounts after Death
Dealing with Accounts of the Deceased
Said? Written? What Governs Who Gets the Money?
Removing Deceased Husband's Name: Mandatory?
Joint CD in Community Property State
Joint Account with Mother, Father says Its His by Right
Removing Name from Account of the Deceased
Does Joint Account Retain Debts of Deceased Owner?
Can Joint Account be Probated by Heirs?
Joint Account with Survivorship: Probate?
Is Joint Checking Account Mine when the Other Dies
Depositing into Joint Account of the Deceased
About a Jointly Owned Safe Deposit Box
Joint Account Access at Death of One Owner
Bank Changes Joint Account to Estate Account
Inheritor of a Joint Account
Check from Lawsuit Arrives too Late; What to do?
Cashing a Check with a Deceased Joint Payee
Does Survivor of Joint Account become Owner?
Two- Party Checks, One Deceased
LOC Paying for Joint Account
Can Surviving Owner Access Account?
One Owner Died - Should We Move Some Money?
FDIC Insurance Work on Joint Accounts with POD Beneficiaries?
Insurance for Three Parties on a Joint Account
Changing Account Ownership after Death
Status of Joint Account after Death
What Happens to Joint CD after Death?
Funds in Account with Deceased Beneficiary
Purpose of "Due and Payable" Clause
Joint CD Closed by Non-Account Holder
Wills, Estates and Joint Accounts
Which Rules, a Will or Joint Ownership?

Pay Back Better Late than Never
Son Helps Himself to Father's Account
Changing CDs to F/B/O Accounts
POA Empties Safe Deposit Box: What to do?
Does Safe Deposit Access List give me Access?
Dealing with Bank Fraud
Closing Account of Deceased
Account Custodian Refuses to Release Funds
Testamentary Trust Account
Bank Refuses to Comply with Subpoena
Mother Allows Son to do her Executrix Duties
Repossession of Vehicle of Deceased
Nursing Home wants Payment before Heirs
CD of Deceased is Collateral for Loan: What Now?
Proper Procedure to Pay for After-death Expenses
Offset on Account of the Deceased?
Both Safe Deposit Box Owners Deceased: What now?
Government Disburses Funds from Unprobated Will
Can Automatic Bill Pay Continue after Death?
Missing Bank Information of the Deceased
No Will; Account in Japan: What now?
Common Law Wife Forges Will and Bank Cards
>Bank Insists I Close Joint CD
Inherited CDs: what about Tax Reporting?
Dad died years ago - Can I get a loan?
Inheritors of Mortgage Wonder About Payments
Getting IRS Checks Reissued
What Should I Do With These Funds?
Disability Check Received After Death: What to do?
Safe Deposit Box in Limbo
Borrower Died; What Happens to Loan
Retirement Check Received After Death
Pension Paid After Death: Do I Return This?
'Collecting' on My Deceased Mother's Account
Combining Accounts of the Deceased
Elder Abuse, Unauthorized Withdrawals
Family Member Objects to Executor of Will
Who Gets Contents of Safe Deposit Box of Intestate
Still owe on a home I don't own
Tax Refund Checks of Deceased: What to do?
Getting Funds from Defunct Bank
Responsibility for Deceased's HELOC
Sibling "Becomes" Authorized User: How?
Bank Takes Funds of Deceased without Probate
What About eDeposits to Accounts after Death?
How to Get a Medallion Signature Guarantee
Need Change in Mortgage with Spouse's Death?
How Do I Set up an Estate Account?
Deathbed Transfer of Funds: Legal?
Redeeming CD of the Deceased
Can Executor Transfer Money Between Accounts?
Refusal to Reissue Stale Checks to Dead Payee
A CD 'In Trust For'
Redeeming CD of the Deceased
Who Pays Back Loan Held by Deceased?
Removed as Executor; Remains Trustee
Executor of Will Unwilling to Accept Verbal Promise
Need Signature Cards of Deceased
Penalty for Cashing in Parents' CDs
Setting Up Accounts for Spousal Access
Will Mother's CDs Be Taxed?
Intestate: What Happens to Accounts?
Retaining Bank Records after Death
Do I Need Medallion Signature Guarantee?
Intestate but with Safe Deposit Box; What Happens?
Length of Executor's Powers
Co-signer Died: Who Pays if Default?
Co-Borrowers and One Dies, What Now?
New Will Leaves Family Out
Purchasing Banking History
As Executor, do I need an EIN?
Locating Safe Deposit Box after Bank Buy-out
Safe Deposit Box Personal Information
Fraudulent Withdrawals from Late In-Law's Account
Legal Rights: POA vs. POD
Authorized User same as Account Holder?
How Does FDIC Insurance Work on POD Accounts?
Penalty for Cashing CD Early
Inheriting an Account in Trust
Can Voided Cashier's Check be Reissued?
Resolving Issues with Will Representative
Frozen Account and Pending Fraud Claim
Recourse for Attempted Fraud
Obtaining a Letter of Testamentary
Paying off Parent's Debts
How does Widow Establish Trust Account?
Changing Account Ownership after Death
Closing a Minor's Account after Death
What Happens to an Account in Trust after Death?
Paying Off Loan after Death
Accessing a Safe Deposit Box upon Death
Mortgage Fraud: Negligent Bank? What should I do?
Refusal to Reissue Stale Checks to Dead Payee