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Finding Bank Records of a Deceased Relative

My father recently died, and, while I was still out of state, other people went into his residence. I have no knowledge of any bank accounts he may have had. Is there any way for me to get information on any bank accounts (checking, savings, loan, whatever...) he may have had?


If the accounts were inactive the money would be turned over to the state. There are web sites that can help locate these. Some examples are , and . Resist any urge to pay a finder's fee. The stats will give you back your money without charging fees as some third parties will. You would have to prove "ownership" based on your father's estate.

If the accounts are not yet inactive, you could prepare a package that introduces you, explains and documents what has happened, and send it to the institutions with which you believe he may have had an account. You are fishing here, but most banks would review the package for validity and tell you if there was an account. Without proof of what has happened though, they will not and you will have to be one of those authorized by the estate to know if there is an account or not. They shouldn't tell just anyone. Published on 6/07/07