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Can a Cashier's Check be Cancelled?

I received a cashier's check on April 18th from a bank. It came UPS overnight early morning delivery. I received a letter from my bank that the banking location may not pay this check now. Can they stop payment on a cashier's check? I didn't think a cashier's check could be cancelled, that it was the same as cash.

A bank cannot stop payment on its cashier's check, but it may, under very limited circumstances, refuse to pay it. One such case would be if the check were issued in error, perhaps for an account withdrawal that was permitted by mistake. If the payee of such a cashier's check were to bring it to issuing bank to cash it, the bank could refuse payment.

If the letter you refer to came from a bank into which you deposited the check (not the issuing bank), you may be dealing with something entirely different. Did you receive the bank check under normal circumstances? There are a lot of counterfeit bank check scams right now, and a lot of people get what appear to be official bank checks that turn out to be part of a scam, but if you were expecting this check for a legitimate bank transaction (proceeds of a loan or a withdrawal from an account, payment from a trust, etc.), the check should ultimately prove to be legitimate and will be paid.

It's possible that the bank into which you deposited the check has received information about counterfeit checks drawn on the bank your check is drawn on. In such a case, the bank would reasonably be concerned about the check you deposited, and might have placed a hold on the funds your deposited for up to seven or eleven days (depending on how far away the bank is that the check is drawn on). As you can see, it's difficult to know how to respond to your question, since we don't know specific facts, but if you want a more complete answer, we suggest you contact the bank that notified you about the possible problem.

Published on 4/26/07