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Accounts  |   Cashing Checks  |   Certificates of Deposit
Custodial Accounts  |   Checking Accounts  |   Joint Accounts
Miscellaneous  |   Savings Accounts  |   UTMA Matters

Aunt Sets Up Account with Nephew
Very Young and Opened an Account?
Deposits and Withdrawals to Child's Account
Bank Freezes Account of Three Year Old!
Opening an Account for a Minor
Working Minor Wants Account Information
CD Renewed for Minor no Longer a Minor: What Now?
Types of Accounts a Minor Can Open
Bank 'Manipulates' Minor Son to Change Accounts
Minor Wants to Open Account
Seventeen and Needs His Own Account
Account for Minor that Parents Cannot Touch
Opening a Minor's Account
Minor Wants Access to His Account
Account for Incapacitated Individual
Mother Takes Over Account - What to do?
Minor Wants Credit Card - Possible?
Debit Cards for Minors? Legal?
Helping Teens to Get Bank Accounts
Working Minor Wants to Open Account
Trouble with Minor Opening an Account
Opening Accounts for Grandchildren
Account Under Children's Names
Bank Failure and Guardian Accounts
Minor Opened Account - and a Pile of Problems
Account for Un-related Minor
Defining a Minorís Account Rights
Taxes on Interest from Minor's Account
Removing a Name from an Account
Setting Up Retirement Account as Minor
Opening a Bank Account as a Minor
Son Opened Account without Consent: Am I Liable?
Minor's Rights in Accessing Funds from Account
ID Needed to Open Account for Minor
Writing a POD Beneficiary
Closing a Minor's Account after Death
Can Bank Seize Funds from Minor's Account?
Establishing a Mutual Fund with Limited Access
Individual Accounts for Minors?
Age Requirement for Bank Account
Teenager Wants Loan Cosigned by Dad
Restricting a Minor's Account Access
Fraud by Guardian
Setting Up an Account for a Baby

Cashing Checks
Cashing Check Made out to Minor
Cashing Check Made out to Child
Cashing Checks for a Minor
Cashing a Minor's Checks
Infant with a Check and No Account
Cashing Check made out to Minor
Endorsing Check for a Minor

Certificates of Deposit
Redeeming CDs 'In trust for'
Accessing Minor's CD
Minor Son Cashed in the Bank Accounts

Custodial Accounts
Aunt Sets Up Account with Nephew
Custodian Sells Stock - Who Gets Funds?
Mother is Custodian of 27 Year Old?
Dealing with ITF Accounts
Management of Custodial Accounts
How to Open a Custodial Account
Bank Error Empties Custodial Account
Transferring Stock Shares as Custodian
Custodian of Account will not Turn Over Funds
Grandma Uses Money in Custodial Account: What Now?
Custodial Account is Closed: What Now?
Custodian of Account Dies; What About Account?
Confusion with Custodial Account
Is Custodial Account Reportable as My Income?
Requirements for Opening a Custodial Account
Parent as Custodian for Money of Minor Child Over 18
Custodial Account and Turning Eighteen
Depositing Custodial Checks as Minor
Transferring Ownership of Custodial Account
Does Custodian Have Say After I Reach Majority?

Checking Accounts
Can a Minor Open a Checking Account?
Opening Checking Account with Unrelated Minor
Can a Minor Open a Checking Account?
Opening Checking Account as Minor
Can a Minor get a Checking Account?

Joint Accounts
Joint Account with Minor
Minor Wants Account with Non-Family Member
Minors and Joint Accounts
Opening Joint Account with Unrelated Minor

Best Debit Card for Minors
Bank Gives Out all Account Information to Another
Minor is Refused ATM Card: Why?
Minor Cashes in CD
Minor Scammed - What to do?
Bank Will Not Release Minor's Funds to Parents
Loans to Minors?
Accessing Inherited CD for Minor
Can a Minor be a Beneficiary on a CD?
Minor on a Business Account?
Can My Credit Problems Affect My Child's Account?
Minor's SSN Used for Fraud
Is "For Deposit Only" Valid?
Can Credit Union Transfer Funds to Offset Debts?
Can I Deposit my Son's Check into my Account?
Rights of Custodian
Who Can Be an Account Custodian

Savings Accounts
Savings Account Fee for a 10 Year Old?
Teen Opening Savings Account

UTMA Matters
Mother-in-law Dissolves UTMA: What Now?
NEW! Accessing Funds from UTMA Account
When a Minor Account 'Grows Up'
Changing CDs to F/B/O Accounts
Account Mixup Brings Up Questions
Custodians for Minor's Account
Who Endorses UTMA Payout Check?
UTMA Check: Can We Deposit?
Ex Dips into Son's Account to Pay Own Bills
Shareholders on CD: Who can Redeem it?
Trying to Get Money Held in Trust for Me
Support for Grandchildren: What Account to Open?
Can I Cash Savings Bonds for my Children?
Accessing Funds Held for a Minor
GAUTMA: What is this?
College Student wants Own Account
Keeping College Money Safe from Foreclosure
Getting Funds from a CD
Succession of CDs Under UTMA
Obtaining a Balance on a UTMA Account
Custodian Dies: Can TXUTMA funds be used?
Accounts for Kids under the UTMA
Using an UTMA-owned CD as Collateral