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Bank Refuses Executor Access to Account
Is a Dormant Account Charge Legal?
Direct Deposit to Closed Account: Bank Keeps It!
Bank Fines Me for Re-opening Closed Account
Offset for Old Debt: Legal?
Can a Bank Refuse a Deposit?
Unauthorized Withdrawals: Bank Refuses to Help
Credit Union Levies Hundreds in Fees
Bank's Responsibility to Protect an Account
Must I Deposit into Savings?
Oklahoma Law for Removing from Account
Eleven Day Notice of Account Closing: Legal?
Government Claim Debits My Account: What?
Original Minumum Balance Changed: Legal?
I Follow the Rules, yet They Closed Account
Setoff and Fees Problem
Suddenly Account Frozen! What now?
IRA Tied Up by Non-Communicative Beneficiary
Out-of-state Branch Won't Allow Withdrawal
How Right is this Right of Offset?
New Bank Pays Old Balance
Account Restricted for Deposit
Bank Wants Immediate Deposit for Overdraft
Bank Froze My Account: I Want it Closed!
Bank Pays Large Items First, then Assesses Fees
Funds Missing: Getting Fees but no Cooperation
Bank Won't 'Host' My Accounts: What to do?
Bank Closes Account then Re-Opens to Add Fees
Bank Refuses Deposit on Basis of Money Laundering
Funds Debited by Bank
Bank Takes Money from My Friend's Account: Why?
Premature Charges for Overdraft?
Net Charge-offs Taken from Account: Legal?
Credit Report Account Confusion
Closed Checking Account; Can't Open New One
Bank Refuses to Give me Cash from Account
Bank Closed All My Accounts: How Do I Live?
Can a Bank Always Debit Account for NSF?
Bank Did an Offset from my Child's Savings
Account Problem: Account is Closed
When can Bank Put Hold on Account?
Proposed Resolution for Prolonged Hold on Account
First Debit Card Troubles
My Bank Just Won't Let My Account Close
Problems with Setting up a CD to get a Loan
Stopping Automatic Deductions
Unknown Withdrawal: What should I do?
They gave me my money, then they took it away!
Can Credit Union Switch Primary Account Holder?
Objecting to Bank Selling Loan
Details Regarding Automatically Renewable Accounts
Reversing Charge for Lack of Funds

Bank Mistakes
Bank Cashes Check with No Signature: Fraud?
Bank Gives All Account Info to Ex: What to do?
Bank Compounds Error, then wants Me to Fix it!
Teller Insists She's Right: I'm Out Funds
No Judgment on Case: Bank Moves Anyhow
Bank Divulges Account Info
$900,000 in My Account by Mistake: Can I keep it?
Banks Says Their Error, but I Have to Prove It!
Bank Breaks Confidentiality Rule
Bank Employee Gives Out Personal Information
No Cashing or Deposit because of Patriot Act?
Scammed by Bank?
Bank Accepts Unendorsed Check: What now?
Counting Error Causes Confusion
Overpaid for Series EE Bonds
Check Mixup; Bank Mixup: Do I Have to Pay?
Bank Mixup
Bank Mistake...or Something Else?
Bank Correcting for Old Mistake
Bank Mistakenly Added Funds: Am I in the Wrong?
Dealing with Bank's Mistake
How Should I Resolve Bank's Mistake?
Bank lost closed account payout! What now?
Why Do They Make Things So Difficult?
Glitch in Online Bill Pay?

Check Problems
Check to Estate Administrators: Can we Cash It?
Check to Estate and Me: Why Can't I Cash It?
Writing in Check Amount: Teller Refused
Mixup and Coverup at Bank?
Bank Refuses to Allow Affidavit for Forgery
Bank Wants 'Husband Deceased' on Check: Legal?
Bank Holds Paycheck as 'Punishment'
Another Patriot Act Alibi
Bank Cites Patriot Act for Not Accepting Check
Bank Won't Accept Check Written with Marker
Bank Refuses to Let Me Cash Wife's Check
Thief Caught, but Bank Still Wants Payback from Me
Accused of Forgery: What Can I Do?
Hold for Child Support?
Joint Check - No Joint Account: What to do?
Do US Treasury Checks Bounce?
Bank Holds My Money Hostage: What?
Payday Loan Becomes a Huge Mess
Bank Orders Cash for Payee
Fraudulent Cashier's Check OK'd by Bank
Deposit Problem: Bank Adjustment
Problem Depositing a Check for Another
Attempts to Repay Overdraft Foiled - Now What?
A Case of Embezzlement
Should I Cash a Check or Deposit It?
Pitfalls Using 3rd Party Accounts
Account Closed for Kiting: Time Limit for Hold?
Bank Lost Rent Check, Says itís My Fault
Check Lost in Mail: What should I do?
"Not Negotiable" on Foreign Check
Why did Bank Allow but Credit Union Deny Deposit?
Bank Filed Unjust Lawsuit: How to Resolve?
Problem with Check Made out to Cash
Bank Blocked Payment without Notice
Check Cashed Fraudulently
What is "Dep. Return Chargeback?"
Bank Gave Checks for Wrong Account: What to do?
Irregular Signatures Proven True: What Now?
Credit Union Wouldn't Cash Check: Why?
The Wrong End of a Counterfeit Check
Federal Law on Reversing Checks?
Trouble Obtaining a Cashier's Check
Payment Check Troubles: How do I get my Money?
Cashing a Check Dated for Tomorrow
Depositing Business Checks into Personal Account
Receiving Cash from "For Deposit Only" Checks
Bank Fees Result of Employer's Mistake

Security Block on My Money: What to do?
Holding a Check for Four Months?
Long Hold on My Check: Legal?
Is a Fourteen Day Hold on Check Legal?
Counting the Days of a Hold
What is a Bank Credit Hold Order?

Joint Account Issues
Doubly Endorsed Checks
Problems with Cashing a Joint Check
Depositing Joint Check into Non-Joint Account
Depositing Joint Check Endorsed by One
Can I Remove Myself from Joint Account as POA?

Banks Accept Only 'Local' Funds: Legal?
Getting Cash Back from a Check 'for Deposit'
Disclosing Bankruptcy on Credit Applications
Does Bank Send Fees to Federal Government?
Victim of Bad Check wants to know Rights
Bank Questions Source of Funds: Legal?
Can I cancel a mineral rights lease?
Bank Won't Tell Policy about Personal Files
Bank Cannot Exchange Money for Me: How Come?
Bank Refuses to Give Change for $100: Legal?
Bank Insists Customer Come In to Make Deposit
Trustee Splits My Inheritance: Legal?
ID Needed to Cash Check
Order of Posting Revisited
Advance Notice of Checking Account Withdrawal?
Deposit Mixup - What to do?
Redoing Loan: How Far do Bank's 'Rights' Extend?
Spent Unknown Source of Money in Account: What Now?
Bank Asks Where I got Money for Deposit: What?
Withdrawing Funds: Do I File a CTR?
Sends Brother Money; Bank gives him Only Half
Legal for Teller to Ask for SSN?
Time to do Currency Exchange: What is Best?
Need Bank Auditor's Name
Where to Cash Out-of State Check
How to Obtain a Medallion Stamp
What is a 'Memo Debit'?
Wants Credit Card: Need Checking Account?
Mystery Status Problem on Statement
Processing Credit Cards for Business
Purchasing Banking History
Bank Closes Account: Getting Your Money
Requirements for Purchasing Assets
Bank Refuses to Give Smaller Denominations
Getting Funds from Traveler's Checks
Changing Account Ownership after Death
Foreign Investments and the US Patriot Act
Why is SSN Needed to Deposit Cash?
What is the CRA?
Who Can Access my Account Info?
Foreign Company Opening Account at US Bank
Can Banks Refuse Coins?
Locating Banking Laws
Equity Line of Credit and Bank to Bank Guarantees?
ID Requirements: Third-Party Endorsed Money Orders

Stop Payments
Stop (and Go) Payment on My Check
Trouble with a Stop Payment
Stop Payment Issued: Caught in the Middle
Stopping Payment on a Money Order
Stopping Payment on a Bank Check
Giving the Reason for a Stop Payment
Need a COT Code
Read This First!

Transferring Funds
How Long to Transfer Funds Internationally
Explanation of Savings Transfer Limits
Transfer Gone Bad
Does it Cost to Make IRA Transfers?
COT Code: What is That?
Transferring Funds from Outside US
Transferring Funds from Overseas
Does a Loan Payment Count Toward Transfer Limit?
Time Limit on Funds Transfer
Bank Transferred Funds without Permission: Legal?
Why are my Money Market Transfers Limited?