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Check Lost in Mail: What should I do?

I deposited a $25,000 check at my bank. The next day I asked when the funds would be available. The bank told me they would be available after ten days, but there may be $4,900 available after five days.

After five days the bank refused me funds because it had not cleared yet. The VP told me that they did not process my check normally, and that they just sent the check back to the host bank for collections. I called the host bank and asked where my bank would send a check for collections. They said Texas. When I asked my bank where they sent the check they told me Delaware.

After ten business days my check got lost. My bank told me to put a stop payment on it and get another check. I was not notified that my bank was processing my check in this manner and I have deposit slips from them. Is my bank liable? What should I do?

If your check is lost, the wise choice is to stop payment, issue another check, and wait for it to be available. Alternatively, wire the funds from one bank to the other, at an additional cost.

Once you've taken care of the immediate problem, you can work on asking for a refund of your added costs. There's no obligation to refund them, but it's worth a try.

Published on 6/24/08