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Why Won't Bank Accept Unrolled Coins?

Why won't banks accept my loose unrolled coins anymore? Is there any way I can get them to accept them outside of rolling them myself or using a machine that charges a percentage?

While there are undoubtedly many banks that still accept loose unrolled coin from their customers, a lot of banks have begun to refuse because of the costs of sorting and rolling the coins. Some of those banks have installed lobby sorting/counting machines like the ones in many supermarkets. Those machines print out a receipt that can be exchanged for cash. A few banks use the machines as relatively cheap labor and give full value for the coins dumped into the machines. Others charge a percentage, often less than charged at in-store units.

Unless you can find a nearby bank that still accepts loose change at face value, you're left with deciding whether your time is worth more or less than the percentage charged by the ubiquitous change machines. Incidentally, one major network of the change-converting machines gives 100% value when you use your change to buy gift cards and certain other "near money" products.

Published on 12/12/07