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Tracing a Safe Deposit Box Key

My father recently passed. I have a safe deposit box key. How can I trace the origin, or the bank?

If you are the executor or administrator of your father's estate, you'll be able to access the box when you locate it by presenting a copy of your court appointment. If no one has yet been appointed by the court, you may be able to get into the box only for a will search, or to surrender the box if it is empty.

Start by calling the banks in the areas around where your father lived or worked. You might have to take the key to some of the banks for them to see. If that search comes up empty, try looking through the past couple of years of bank statements to see if there is a canceled check or account charge that might represent the annual rental fee for the box. In fact, if there are a lot of banks in the area, you might try this tactic before canvassing the banks themselves.

Published on 7/25/08