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Can Bank Employees Access Safe Deposit Box

I am unemployed and went to my safe deposit box to get all my jewelry (gold and silver), cash, etc. If contents from my safe desposit box are missing, I suspect theft in the bank. Is that possible and how can I prove it? Is there a way an employee could have gotten into the box? Last time I was there, I didnít like the way the attendant handled the box. I did not see him turn the key and I told him and he said, "Donít worry I know how it works." Now I look back on that and I continue my suspicion, for I see there is gold missing and some cash.

Bank procedures should include controls that make an employee's access to a leased box extremely unlikely. If you suspect that a bank employee found a way to access your safe deposit box without your knowledge, contact the bank's management at once.

Published on 10/13/09