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Tracing a Safe Deposit Box

I found three safe deposit box keys. My mother has dementia and has no recollection of a safe deposit box, but I am assuming they are hers. We have no paperwork regarding this, but there is stamped number on one set of keys and the name Diebold, Inc., Canton, Ohio on the other. Is there any way of tracing these keys? I have power of attorney for my mom.

Diebold provides safe deposit box vaults, equipment and keys for many, many banks, so it's highly unlikely that the information on those keys will lead you to the box or boxes in question. If you can, check through some bank statements issued to your mother in the last couple of years. Often, statements will reflect a safe deposit rental payment, and might even indicate which box is involved.

If that's not a viable option, you could visit (to call in advance would be wise) banks in the area that your mother may have done business with, bringing the keys and a certified copy of your power of attorney with you. Be patient. Tracking down the box may take some time.

Published on 8/11/10