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Stolen Checks

Counterfeit Checks
Two Fraudulent Checks from Attorney: What to do?
Collection Agencies Call About Fraudulent Checks
I think I'm a Victim: Am I a Victim?
CU Processes Bad Checks: Takes No Responsibility
CU Verifies Check, Then Reverses: I'm Stuck!
Counterfeit Cashier's Check = Real Problem
Money Order Valid - then NOT!
Check was Counterfeit, Now I Have to pay?
Receives Mystery Check: What to do?
Check Clears, then I'm Told it was No Good
Bank Clears Check, then Calls it Counterfeit
Responsibility for Bogus Payroll Check
Paid with Phony Check; What to do?
Could that cashier's check be counterfeit?
The Bank Said It Was OK -- Now They Say I Owe Them
Getting Compensation for Fake Money Orders
Bank Gives Counterfeit $100: What Now?
Counterfeiters Cause Bank to Debit My Account
Retrieving Funds from Fictitious Check

Name Forged, Check Cashed: Getting Runaround
Bank Pays Forged Check on Deceased's Account
Bank Cashes Forged Check, Takes No Responsibility
Husband Forges Wife's Signature, Deposits Check
Bank Refuses to Allow Affidavit for Forgery
Suspected Forgery: Who Pursues Charges?
Mother Signs My Name, Cashes My Check
House Sold; Husband Forges Check
Son is Robbing Incapacitated Mother Blind
$37,000 Stolen, yet Credit Union in Denial
Wife Embezzles 100K, then Runs
Repeated Forgery: How do I Prosecute?
Forged Check 'Without Thinking'
Problem with Funds, Beneficiaries
Roommate Forges Signature on Check: What to do?
My Bank Won't Honor My Claim
Setting up a Trust Fund as Normal Deposit Account
Bank 'Lost' Surveillance Tape: Forgery Cover-up?
Forged Cashier's Check: How am I Responsible?
Bank Erred but Won't Reimburse Funds
Who is Liable for 'Inherited' Loans?
Funds Stolen with Fraudulent Checks: What to do?
Bank Cashes Forged Check; What do I do now?
Father Forged Son's Checks: Recourse?
Money Order Stolen, Forged and Cashed
Check Mailed, Intercepted and Cashed
Family Member Forging Checks
Wife Forges Signature for $700,000: Not Quite!
Account Opened with Spouse's Forged Signature
Check Forgery and Fraud and No Help
Responsibility for Forged Check
Signature Forged on Re-Mortgage
Statute of Limitations for Forged Endorsement
Wife Forges Signature: What Can I Do?
What Does 'Share in the losses' Mean?
Stop Pay on Stolen/Forged Checks: What Else?
Ex-employee Forges Signature Card: Bank OKs
Discovered Forged Check - Too Late?
Responsibility for Forged Check
Uncle Forged Check on Account of Deceased
Son Forged Check
Tracking Down Who Forged Endorsement
Wife Forges Husband's Name to the Tune of 96K
Time Limit for Bank to Return Forged Check
Liability for Forged Checks
Forged Check Passed
Reversing Check After Deposit
Sounds Like Identity Theft: What to do?
Check Forgery and Fraud and No Help
Liability for Forged Business Checks
Recovering Funds After Forgery
Husband Forged Checks; How to Pursue
Too Late to Recoup on Forged Endorsements?
Check Forged by Ex. Can He Recover?
Forged Signatures on My Checks
Bank's Liability for Forged Checks

Getting Information About Account Fraud
I'm Penalized for Bad Check Writer's Activity
Payee is Changed: What to do?
Bank Fraud: What to do?
Bank Allows Separated Husband to Open/Close Account
Obviously Altered, but Check is Cashed
Fraud Victims Want All of Funds Returned
Getting Around Mortgage Ineligibility
Theft, Fraud, Incarceration: What can I do?
Husband Plays Games with My Accounts
Money Taken from Account: Bank Won't Help
Bank Admits Error; Takes No Responsibility
I Erred, but So Did Bank: Liability?
A Story of Kidnapping and Theft
Woman Abuses Girl Scouts' Account
Tracking Fraudulent Cashier's Check
Dealing with Bank Fraud
Bookkeeper Fraudulently Notarizes Signature
Brother Empties Accounts of Deceased by Fraud
Bank is Taken Over, Where is my $21,000?
Victim of Fraud is also Victimized by Bank
New Account brings New Problems with it
What Authority Does a Signer Have?
Receiving Out-of-State Check...and a Story
Bank's Responsibility to Protect an Account
Worker Swindles Company for 5 Years: Bank's Responsibility?
Pin-based Fraud with No Cooperation from Bank
Bank Manager Opened Accounts/Wrote Checks in my Name
About an Affidavit of Fraud
Investor's Check Changed into Cashier's Checks
Is Bank Responsible for Opening Fraudulent Account
Filing Against Employee Embezzlement
Management Seems to be Embezzling
Making Restitution for Fraudulent Check
Proving a Fraudulent Charge on My Account
Friends Use Friend's Account to Deposit Checks
Unknown Debit: What do do?
Fraud Victim Asks 'Who is Liable?'
OCC 'Suggests'; Bank Chooses its Own Option
Are My Money Orders Fraudulent?
CU Authorizes Fraudulent Debit Card Use
Check Cashed Fraudulently: Now I'm Stuck
Stopping Fraud in its Tracks
Was This a Real ATM?
Access to Account Funds
Unauthorized ATM Withdrawal
Recovering Funds from a Bounced Check
Who Initiates Fraud Investigation?
Bank Accepts, Deposits Checks into Wrong Account
Opening an Account with Another's Mailing Address
Bank Employee/Sister Adds Names to Account
Check Fraudulently Cashed: Where is my Money?
Two Bad Checks Have Stopped Business Cold
Fraudulent Check Problems: What to do?
This Situation is For the Dogs
How to Collect on a Fraudulent Money Order
Protecting Myself from Fraud
Recovering Money from Fraudulent Transaction
Won the Lottery, Cashed the Check, Now it's Fraud?
How Can a Cashier's Check be Fraudulent?
Avoiding Fraud
Fraud by Guardian
Opened Business Account: Accused of Fraud, Legit?
Check Cashed Fraudulently
Settling an Argument About Fraud Stats
Troubles with Fraudulent Check
Bank Incorrectly Suspects Fraud
Recovering Funds from Fraud
Recourse After Fraud
Determining a Fraudulent Check
Problem with Fraudulent Joint Account
Reimbursement for Fraudulent Charges
Prosecuting a Company for Fraud
We are Victims of Fraud; No Reg E Protection?
Procedure after Fraudulent Transaction
A Case of Embezzlement
Burned by Insurance Check Fraud
Fraudulent Withdrawals from Late In-Law's Account
Business in Turmoil Because of Fraud; What to do?
Victim of Fraud Needs to Clear Name
Mystery Code in Checking Account Statement
Repeated Fraud; Bank Gives No Explanation
Bank Won't Talk with Me about Fraudulent Check
Fraudulent Check in My Account: Who is Liable?
Purchasing with a UCC Negotiable Instrument
Resolving Fraud without Lawyer
Fraud Victim: How to Retrieve Funds?
Bank Holds Check; Check is Fraud; I am Sued
Fraudulent Loan, but Bank Refuses to Cooperate
Bank Abetted Fraud: How About Remuneration?
Bank Accepted Altered Check
Suspected Fraud - What to do?
Telephone Number on Cashier's Check
First They Said It's Good, Then They Said It's Bad
Depositing Checks to a Business in a Personal Acct
Am I Stuck With These Bogus Checks?
Chargeback on Bad Cashier's Check
Depositing Fraudulently Endorsed Checks
Receiving Fraudulent Checks
Check Cleared, Then Called Fraudulent
Discovered Fraudulent Check ...too late
Fraudulent Checks with My Account Number
Check Cashed, Work Not Done: What Can I Do?
Determining a Fraudulent Check
Bank Mistake Continues: Wants Compensation
Is Bank Responsbile for Giving Misleading Info?
Employee Lies, Gets Two Paychecks: Now What?
Bogus Check Electronically Withdrawn from Account
Fraudulent Cashier's Check OK'd by Bank
Amount Changed to Avoid Stop Payment: Fraud?
Depositing a Fraudulent Check
Recovering Funds from Fraud

He Deposits to My Account and Overdraws It!
Check Bounces: How do I get My Payment?
Mystery Entry on Monthly Statement
'No Documentation Loan' Puts Company at Risk
Unauthorized Withdrawals: Bank Refuses to Help
Bank Doesn't Return Funds from Wrongly Deposited
Bank Responsible for Opening Fraudulent Accounts?
Give Bank Info to Dishonest Merchant?
Victim of Identity Fraud: What recourse do I have?
Collateral Payment? Is this usual?
Hold Account for Vehicle Purchase
About Bank Guarantees
Using Personal Account for Company Business
Cash Deposits Missing from Account
Husband Cashes Check from my Account: Legal?
Check Cashed in ATM Before Funds in Account
Limitations on Check Alteration Claim
Stopping Payment on a Certified Check
Tax Refund Check Processed Without Endorsement
Passing Checks a Crime? Now What?
Cashier's Check Intercepted by Government and Held
Bank Cashes Check in Error; Takes No Responsibility
Paid with an Altered Check: Is it Valid?
Responsibility for Stopped Check Charges
Cashier's Check, Wire Transfer: What is Foolproof?
On Hold for How Long and Why?
Can My Debts Freeze Joint Account with Father?
What is the Safest Form of Payment?
Buyer in Singapore wants to Pay in Cashier's Check
Bank Employee Puts Herself as Beneficiary of CD
International Mix-up at the Bank
Responsibility for Incorrectly Cashed Check
Redeeming Bond Addressed to Other
Conversion of Money with Shift in Currency
Being Cautious About Selling Online
Same Account Number Given to Two Customers
Safest Form of Payment from Buyer
Should PayPal Pay NSF Fees Caused by Transfers
Carrying a Gun in a Bank
Filing a Complaint About my Bank

Need a COT Code
Read This First!

Victim of Ponzi Scam: What now?
Wired Money and Alerted Bank to Scam
Received Check Out of the Blue: Cash It?
Bank Debenture Trading Programs
Fiduciary Account Problem
How to Check for Accounts of Church being Scammed
Minor Scammed - What to do?
Scams Anonymous
Scammed by Daughter-in-Law: What to do?
Risks with Bank Drafts
What Happens if this is a Scam?
Won 2M - Gets Letter of Guarantee: What?
Hidden Gambling Sites and Debit Cards
Credit/Debit Card Scam
Realized Scam Job too Late: What to do?
Yahoo Lottery: Scam or Not?
Mortgage Insurance Scam?
Another I Liable?
They want my Information: Should I Send it?
Pay $800 to Borrow $5000: Legit?
Scammed, Duped, and Out a Lot of Money
Scammed by Bank?
Buying a Car Long Distance
Scammed by Contractor: What to do?
Setting up a Trust Fund as Normal Deposit Account
Funds Transferred: Contractor a No-Show: What Now?
Accessing My Information from a Check
I was scammed. What do I owe?
Mystery Shopper...Scam
Fraudulent Company Scams Me: Bank Refuses to Help
Stop Payment Placed on Check After Goods Exchanged
Vehicle Loan Problem
Scam Victim Wants to Know the Law
How Does a Phony Company Cash a Check?
Someone Wants to Put Money in My Account
Opening Account for Another
Is my Powerball Check a Scam?
Is this Money Laundering, Accepting Deposits
Getting Paid to Cash Check for Another?
Receiving Unwanted Prizes: How to Stop
Can I use my bank account to reprocess checks?
Bank Wants Repayment for Scam Checks
Received Bad Check & Threats, but am I Responsible
Scammed, but am I Liable to the Bank
In your Mailbox: Scam from Indonesia
Checked Everything but was Still Scammed
Buyer Stops Payment on Check, but still has Truck
Bank Wants Repayment for Scam Checks
Husband Gets Loan on Wife's SSN: Can I Sue?
Spear-Phished - What Now?
Employee's Duplicity Puts Us in Hole
Questions from Ponzi Scheme Victim
Prior Owners of Corporation Refuse to Cede Name
Foreclosure Scams: Some Types of Help to Avoid
Trust in Stranger puts My Accounts and Me in Hole
Workman Wants Check Reissued; but No Original
Account Suspended: Phishing Scam
Inadvertently Complied with Scam
This Collection Agency Sounds Fishy
Bill Pay Set Up from My Account, but not by Me!
My Business Checks Deposited by New Owner
Job Transferring Money: A Scam?
Will I Have to Pay It Back?
I Was Scammed: What Now?
Bank Departs from Policy; Cashes Dividend Checks
Scammed, and now My Accounts are Frozen
Someone Using My Account to Pay Bills
Incapacitated Individual Scammed by Son
In Debt and then Scammed
Mis-appropriation of Mortgage Check?
Scammed by Door to Door Salesman
Sixteen Year Old Scammed; What is my recourse?
Scammed: He’s Got My Bank Info
My Father was Scammed – Bank’s Fault?
Investment Program Too Good to be True?
Win a Million? Don't Count on It
Payee Changed Date on Check
Third Party Check
Check Altered and Cashed
Is this Job Offer a Scam?
Is this Offer a Scam?
Friend's Loan Check Bounced: What to do?
Warning: It's a Scam!
How can I Stop Receiving Scam Offers?
Forged Checks and Felon Wife
Did I win the Lottery?
Unclaimed Prize: Scam?
Mortgage Fraud: Negligent Bank? What should I do?
Forged Bank Statement & Withdrawal Liability
Classmate Steals Funds from Account
Lottery Notice: Am I being scammed?
I'm a Winner in an International Lottery!
Skipping the Middle Man - Scammers Go Straight to the Bank
Co-owner of S Corp Misdirects Funds
Is this Online Banking Lottery Legitimate?
Is This Lottery Check a Scam?
ATM Card Lost, Now I'm Overdrawn
I am a Victim of a Scam, Can't the Bank Cover It
Paypal Scam
Is My Powerball Check a Scam?
Bogus Check, Send them to Jail
My Debit Card Number Was Used by Someone Else
Entering PIN Backwards
Max Withdrawals on Debit Card
Safeguarding an Elderly Father's Account
Account is Missing
Account Cleaned Out After Woman's Death
Cashier's Check Scam
Copying My Credit Cards
FDIC Insurance Scam
I Was Scammed: Who is Responsible for the Check?
Money Order Scam
New FDIC Scam Alert
Scam Letters, Separating You from Your Money

Stolen Checks
Bank Deposits Church Check to Personal Account
Check Stolen and Cashed: What Happens Now?
Employee Theft: What to do?
Ex Deposits Daughter's Check into Her Account
Secretary Embezzles; Bank's Liability?
Identifying the Thief of Stolen Checks
Disability Checks Stolen and Cashed: What to do?
Thief Caught, but Bank Still Wants Payback from Me
Customer's Check Intercepted: How do I get paid?
You Were Paid! No, I wasn't: what to do now?
Bank Accepts, Deposits Checks into Wrong Account
Bank Refuses Responsibility for Stolen, Forged Checks
Check Cashed with No ID, Can we Sue?
What is Bank's Liability for Stolen Checks?
My Roommate Stole My Checks
Theft of Check Suspected: What to do?
Bank Uncooperative after Employee's Theft
Obtaining Funds from Stolen Paycheck